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After Nick's description on Idle Thumbs, I started following ONI. I told myself I'd wait to buy it until it was out of early access. I broke down in early January after seeing the Quick Look on Giant Bomb.


The hours melt away. I go in to each session with a goal -- some improvement to make or new building to try -- but after that I'll just watch the little dupes run around about their business. Actually I wish I could stay a little more focused, but it is a lot of fun to watch all the systems at work. 


Consensus seems to be that growth should be avoided. I grabbed the first 14 dupes as soon as they were available. My colony has lurched from one near system collapse to the next, but it's surviving. Done to 12 dupes and mostly stable. I need to get in to oil or refined metal next, which will no doubt precipitate several more crises.


Anyone else playing around with this? 

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I had some good long sessions a month or so ago. Very good game. I like it's focus on environmental balance, and that most systems have some sort of waste product that can feed back into other systems. Very tricky to make a colony that can be well oxygenated and ventilated, well fed, clean, disease free, stable power system, etc. I had to put it down because it was one of those "one more cycle" games for me.

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