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Welcome to Night Vale TV show in the works

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Apparently FX is trying to make a Welcome to Night Vale TV show, with the podcast's creators working as executive producers in it.


I thought maybe this was the kind of forum which might also be interested in Welcome to Night Vale and be excited by this news.


I admit, I haven't listened to it in a while. Since episode 80 something, I think. It's not the sort of podcast that I can listen to in the background while playing a game, so it's harder to fit into my schedule when compared to others. It was, however, the first podcast I ever listened to, and I like it very much. A TV show based on it has the potential to be just as brilliant as the podcast.


I have no idea what form it would take though. I imagine they would ditch the community radio format? Perhaps leave it only as a framing device? As it might be too stationary for a TV show. Then again, maybe the budget won't be that big so they'll need the format to say things are happening offscreen?


Has anyone here read the Night Vale books that were written? I'm under the impression they follow other characters. I have no idea what the narrative is like in them, but they might be a good indication on what path the TV show might take.

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