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Amy Sherman-Palladino - the creator and showrunner for Gilmore Girls, & showrunner for Bunheads filmed a pilot for Amazon called 'Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' which has just gotten picked up for 2 season. You can watch the first episode on Amazon already & I think it is maybe the best thing Amy has ever written.


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I watched season 1 over the past couple of weeks. Incredibly witty writing, a very likeable cast, impressive direction and production design...I think it's my new favourite TV show. 


I wonder if it's an idea she'd had in her pocket for a while before getting the chance to make it. As a first season of something, it seems so perfectly formed, with every little plot thread balanced and sustained so cleverly across the eight episodes.


I think it's back next month! Glad I don't have too much of a wait.

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