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Believer with Reza Aslan

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So I tried to watch the first episode of Reza Aslan's new series Believer. It is a documentary series with Reza Aslan as the presenter investigating different religions and religious practicing. For example in the first episode he went to India to look into the Hindu cast system and see how the lowest cast (the untouchables) are treated.


My feelings towards Reza Aslan are positive and I find him interesting. He will appear from time to time in YouTube clips (maybe his most viewed youtube appearance?). He will also show up on things I watch like Real Time with Bill Maher on occasion. He also did a great interview with Marc Maron recently. I'm not an american so I don't know if he's a well known figure in american media or not, he seems to be the go to guy for religion.


So I like Reza Aslan as a guest, but - my god - he's super serious in the show's voice over segments. To the point that I had to turn off the program and switch to something else to watch. I get that it's a serious topic and he might not be in the happiest emotional state as he's boating down a river polluted by corpses and talking to people who's been cast out from society because of what cast system they were born into (and this might be my answer right here). But I get the feeling that he's trying a little to hard to make his voice over match the serious and dire situation of these people, and when he can't pull that off it comes out as forced and a little fake.


If anyone else has watched the show I want to know if it gets better. I might actually just have to push on through to see for myself because I like the subject matter and I like Reza Aslan's take on religion.

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