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[Devlog] Project Arboretum

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Figured I'd pop a thread up for this, then I have the choice between not updated this one and not updating my Celetin thread :D


Been bugging some folks on Slack for ideas so I can't let them down and not follow through with it.


But naw, as a bit of a change of pace (and so I don't have to sit through endless annoying physics bugs) I started up a bit of a "fun" project. I don't know how far I'll go with it, and I certainly don't intend to do anything artwise with it for the moment. Bit of experimentation with procedural generation (if you can call this that) and seeing if I can plug enough variables into a self-sustaining simulated environment. Text-based, for those who dislike thread tags.


The Pitch


You control a tribe of a particular animalistic species and it's your job to nurture them and let them grow into a successful and thriving colony.



The Style


Quite tongue-in-cheek. I sometimes have a bit of fun worldbuilding so this project will let me indulge in that a bit, but don't expect seriousness (like, at all).



The Roadmap


Species Blueprints (40%, will be starting with five species)

Animal Behaviour (0%, aim is to have an evolving, but simplistic, social structure)

Genetics (0%, mainly to simulate reproduction)

Narrator Feedback (20%, basic evaluation of species in-place)



The Results


Pending a successful test run . . .

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