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Good Afternoon,


You all have given me some awesome advice on past questions so I thought I'd run this by you.  I'm writing in Twine and would like more control over the appearance.  I've edited the CSS with good results but it's very much a two steps forward one step back process when I'm editing the code in a text editor.  I'm thinking that a WYSIWYG editor might help me avoid some mistakes and simplify the process over all.  


Does anyone have any favorite tools for editing CSS?  I've downloaded the free trial version of Stylizer 6 and used it to load up one of my completed stories just to look at the CSS and it wouldn't show it (possibly because it's not in a separate CSS file).  


Appreciate your thoughts. 

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the built in html/js/css inspector in chrome or firebug in firefox is all i've ever needed for modifying css.

right click on a page element and pick inspect or inspect with firebug, then a panel all the way on the right should show the css rules that govern any page element. they can be tweaked/adjusted on the fly there (obviously changes can't be saved from the browser, but you can preview how something will look). If you're adjusting a numerical value firebug will even let you nudge it with cursor keys once you have it selected.

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