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[Dev Log] Code Gates Are Creamy

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[Edit] - I kept some concepts from my original idea, but drastically changed what the core gameplay loop is.


Concept: This game is a top-down 2D management game where you are in charge of several workers that are used to try and keep alive a computer system that is constantly in danger of being shut down. Inspired in large part by battle screens in FTL. 


Basic Ideas

  • There are several stations workers need to attend to keep the computer system running. 
  • Hackers and viruses come in, workers have to fight them. 
  • Computer in a gross/not well maintained environment - When the code gates are creamy, the system starts to overheat, and workers move slower from station to station. 
  • Considering several more additional systems and threats, but I'm trying to be realistic about the time I'll be able to put into this project and want it to be relatively balanced by the time it's done, so not sure how many more variables I'll get to introduce.

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