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I originally posted this in the Winter Wizard Jam thread but it's probably more appropriate here as it's a coding/bug/WTF question.  I’m making a Stanley Parable inspired game with reactive narration modeled on the nihilistic and defeatist world view of Nick Breckon.     


Since my game design experience is limited to a couple of twine games, I’m keeping things as simple as possible.  


I’m making it in Twine but I’m having some trouble with the HTML5 <audio> tag. When I load the "published" .html file into Chrome, it will only play the first second of the voice over before it stops playing.  Audio files are in the same folder as the exported .html file. Same problem occurs in Chrome and Firefox.  I tried the tags in a clean html file and the audio played just fine so I assume the <audio> tag is causing Twine to have a stroke.  I’d appreciate any suggestions on how to deal with this.  


<audio autoplay>

<source src="voiceover.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">

<source src="voiceover.ogg" type="audio/ogg">



Thanks for your input.



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