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Who owns the licenses to those freeware Midway games?

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TL;DR: Can anyone here tell me who owns the licenses to these freeware Midway games before I go pirating them?


Recently, I've gone through a whole ringer of trying to download the 2005 Midway game Area-51 released for freeware around 2009, when Midway was shut down. I've unfortunately gotten through the ordeal of downloading the game only to find out the game's servers have since been shut down. The issue with this is this version of the game was ad-supported, which ultimately means the game required an Internet connection to play it. The unfortunate issue here is the servers which are hosting games have since been shut down.


As a result, I've now been looking around for any services which just let me download the game for cheap. However, no service seems to hold the game. Not even GameTap.


No one uses GameTap, but I checked it just to be sure. Also, GameTap is still around.


As a result to all of these issues, I've considered pirating a non-ad-supported version of the game. Before I go to do this though, I want to know one more thing about Area 51 and all of these other Midway freeware games (The Suffering, Psi-Ops): who owns the licenses to these games? I wanted to know in a last-effort attempt to stop myself from inevitable pirating an illegal game I just want to mess around with.


If anyone knows who owns the licenses to these games, please let me know. If nothing else, it will be intellectually interesting to know who owns these licenses.

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