An Ode to Teamwork - Team Fortress 2 Video

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A good friend of mine named Kaibz put together this short video of teamwork on a public community server in Team Fortress 2. I'd imagine a lot of you have played TF2 at some time or another, so might appreciate the video.


To me it epitomises how fantastic the game can be when you have a team working together and communicating effectively. He's done a great job with the edit. Enjoy!



For those that are interested, the server the gameplay comes from is (EU Community) #1 Fun Server (IP:


It is located in the UK, so the latency may be prohibitively high for those outside Europe, but most evenings you can find games with a lot of teamwork and good microphone communication here.


[i hope this is an appropriate place to post this, just let me know if not and I'll remove it].


Edit: I can't for the life of me work out how to embed the youtube video, sorry!

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