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Favorite Games

Found 2 results

  1. So yeah. Grow Home. It's a short-ish(took me ~5 or 6 hours to beat) game from a small team in Ubisoft Reflections that is just innocent climbing, exploration, and putting animals into teleporters. The premise is, you're B.U.D.: Botanical Utility Droid, and you've been put on this planet that has a Star Plant on it. Your job is to help grow this plant(by connecting its Star Shoots to energy rocks) beyond 2,000 meters, so it can finally flower and bloom. It's got charming music, a nice art style, procedural animation, and just feels super original, fresh, and lovely. It's also $8, and does not require UPlay, so if any of the words in this post appeal to you, you really oughta play it. I 'beat' it today, but have a ton more to do, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it all day.
  2. Uplay

    What a worthless fucking piece of shit Uplay is. Oh, what a brilliant idea, Ubisoft! A service that links all your shitty games together in a ugly, annoying web of annoying marketing, a useless fucking currency for buying, what, wallpapers?! Sweet, another fucking achievement service on top of everything else. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: CREATING AN ACHIEVEMENT NOTIFICATION EVEN UGLIER THAN THE XBOX ONE! Oh no, your one unstable, shitty single-point-of-failure login server is down? No problemo, signor! Everyone can wait until you're back from your siesta to hit the reset button. In the meantime, just tell everyone their username or password is incorrect. OH SHITTE I WONDER WHY WE ARE LOSING MONEY! MAYBE ZERE AREN'T ENOUGH SERVICES AROUND OUR GAMES.!!!!