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  1. I'm making a game which rewards players with special abilities after killing enemies, similar to the Mega Man series. The thing about these abilities is they're defensive in nature. For example, the first boss rewards the player with a shield ability to protect from projectiles, while another boss gives the player the ability to deploy a decoy to distract enemies. Unfortunately, I've hit a bit of a rut when coming up with new unique abilities (i.e. no duplicates or slight variations of previous abilities). The game I'm making is a twin-stick shooter with an emphasis on manipulating AI during combat, similar to the upcoming Galak-Z (aside from the aforementioned Mega Man-like abilities gathering system). While the game will have different weapons (earned by defeating mini-bosses in levels), the game also allows the player to complete the entire game without picking up any new weapons. Thus I included the defensive abilities to alleviate any stress doing a one-weapon run of the game. However, despite having numerous ideas for different weapons and their uses on the battlefield, I've been struggling to make any other defensive abilities for quite some time. The best I can think of is making the player temporarily invisible, but that's just a variant on the aforementioned decoy ability. What kind of other abilities can you guys think of to fill up the roster of defensive abilities in my game? I'd like to know, as I don't want my game to be nothing more than a brain-dead shoot-em-up.