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  1. My girlfriend and I have just returned to university after a long summer and have decided to try a new hobby, board gaming. The idea sprung from our desire for an activity which would allow us to relax together after a long day without looking at a screen. It can be too easy to fall into negative patterns as a couple. Churning through a West Wing box set can be enjoyable but it doesn't really do much for the relationship. Our experience of board gaming up to this point is limited to Cluedo, Monopoly and Guess Who. Abi, my partner, has never even played a game of chess. Going to was a bewildering and unhelpful experience. Abandoning our research we decided to take a trip to the book shop and ended up with a copy of Carcassonne. Why did we choose it? Well, it was £20, I had heard of it Abi has been there in real life and the box said "ideal for two players". Unboxing our new game was remarkably exciting. I had never considered that element of the hobby before. Full colour instructions, little wooden people, thick printed cardboard, it was really a joy to dig through our little treasure chest. As Abi napped I read the instructions and internalised the simple rules in about half an hour. So it would fall to me explain the game, a daunting prospect. My fear was unfounded, after three turns the rules were shared. We could start playing for real. Building our little world was fantastically rewarding and the rules are simple enough for us to drink our G and Ts with impunity. So our first tentative steps into board gaming have been a success (more so for me as I won our first game handily). I may talk a little more about Carcassonne once we've had more time to explore the depth of the strategy. We will continue to play it for the the next month or so, but we really need advice as to what our next game should be. We are open to any theme or style, war game or strategy game, the only condition is it must be suited to two players.