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Favorite Games

Found 1 result

  1. Patronize the Fine Arts

    Inspired by four popular critics leaving the Identical Guy Network to take to Patreon, here's a thread for sharing other campaigns which maybe need support a little more strongly than said famous guys. To the best of my knowledge, no such thread exists yet. For instance, I think Critical Distance is super important, which is why I'm their German language correspondent I guess. Their curation work provides a great resource for keeping up with games discourse or introducing new people to it, and even if you don't read the weekly link lists yourself, there's a good chance a critic you like once went through them to look for other perspectives on a game before writing about it. I do that all the time! Also you get pictures of Kris' very adorable cat if you pledge enough. Forest Ambassador is an equally cool resource on the side of curating small games, which somewhat fills the hole that Free Indie Games left (R.I.P.) Also a big fan of The Arcade Review, a magazine by Zolani Stewart that does arts criticism about video games, to put it briefly. Very detailed examination of weird stuff. This one also only takes money quarterly, so you can give three times as month money as you would to a monthly campaign! I'm sure you're already familiar with everybody's favorite video game vagabond, but it bears repeating that Cara Ellison's Embed With Games series also deserves funding. I have yet to actually read the last couple of articles, but I'm sure they are every bit as fantastic as the ones before. Those are some of the greats, feel free to add more.