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Found 1 result

  1. The Idle Broadcasts Thread

    Didn't see a thread like this, so... Hello there! Do you have a Twitch/JustinTV channel? Do you broadcast yourself playing Video games/drawing/other stuff? Do you want to share those live broadcasts with fellow Idle Thumbers? Well then, this thread is for YOU. So yeah, if you wanna promote your Twitch/JTV broadcasts, you can do that here. Just take in mind of these guidelines: - Always post a link to your channel each time you're going live. - If you're planning a broadcast and want to promote before that time, be sure to post the day and time. Be wary of time zones! - Be sure to say what you're broadcasting. - Don't abuse this thread, don't want a crazy overflow of posts! Promote sparingly so that people can see other's broadcasts. - Be wary of people broadcasting at the same time as you! May wanna avoid that! I'll make an archive of Idle Thumbs Community Channels here for posterity. Also, it would be cool if the actual Idle Thumbs could promote their live broadcasts here as well? Some people usually miss the broadcasts because there aren't any clear announcements other than from Chris' Twitter or the Idle Thumbs Twitter, so here could be a great place to advertise them. If you're not broadcasting right now, but want your channel to be added on the list, you can post your channel here just for that. Wanna start broadcasting? Just download OBS. It's free and easy to broadcast with. Fuck Xsplit. So yeah! I guess I'll start the list with my own channel and the Idle Thumbs channel. BROADCAST LIST: I broadcast video games. Big surprise, no? I mostly broadcast old ass games or silly mods for old games. So yeah, post away!