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Found 1 result

  1. So, I'm making my first Twine, based on Cyberpunk Cop-Killer. It's a Noir-style murder mystery, set in a police station. I'm currently writing straight through the story, and avoiding any branching paths or mechanics. As soon as I have the story from start to finish, I plan to flesh it out to be more game-like, but that depends on how much more time I have left in the jam. Here's my tree so far, intro and case/victim information: And here's an excerpt: I probably wont post much of the actual text due to spoilers, but I'll try to post the tree as it's growing. Things to do: -Complete the story from start to finish -Edit the CSS to make it look like a cyberpunk computer terminal. -Flesh out branching paths and alternate endings Optional: -Implement a soundtrack -Get or make some art -Make a game mechanic (my main options here are either a time/number of screens limit, or a gun with limited bullets.)