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  1. Apologies if there is already a thread. I didn't see one when I started writing this 4 hours ago. I type like your great, great, great gandmother's father. Sega and Creative Assembly released a game last week titled Total War: Rome II, which they say is a sequel to something called Total War: Rome. I'm pretty sure they mean Rome: Total War, but it's possible we have a Prince situation, so maybe we should be calling this the sequel to the game formerly known as Rome: Total War. This is a serious matter that warrants discussion. Maybe the next patch is Rome II: Total War II? Anyway, has anyone else fired this up? I've played 2 campaigns and have been having fun despite the innumerable complaints I have. Ignoring the bugs, like the weird AI problems and units practically ignoring my orders, I don't like the direction they took the game in a lot of ways. It feels much more like a video game than I would've thought, especially given the promotion this game has received.