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  1. Music of the Year!

    Heyo! It's almost 2015, and we already got a thread on GOTYs (No Movies of the Year thread tho, hmmm...), so I thought, "Hey, music is cool. There was cool music this year. How about we talk about our fav musics?" Anyway, you can make your list or whatever however you like, but here's some suggested categories if you're thinking on that: - Best Albums/Mixtapes of the 2014 - Best Songs/Singles of 2014 - Best Music Video of 2014 - Song You've Played Most This Year (Doesn't Have to Be From 2014) That's all I got for now. Feel free to put links to the songs or w/e, unless it's already been posted. Be sure to give some sort of explanation to each of your picks! Make it one sentence, a whole essay, w/e. With that said, here's the best music I've heard from 2014! Best Albums/Mixtapes (In No Order): Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels 2: El-P and Killer Mike at the top of their game. Booming beats by El-P, tighter flow from both El and Mike, as well as much cleverer and hard hitting delivery and lyrics. From songs about murdering and stealing, to songs about fucking, to songs about police brutality and the cost of poverty in America, this album has it all in intense, blood-pumping power. Way better than RTJ1. Here's a sample: Clipping - CLPPNG: Insane industrial glitch beats accompanied by Daveed Diggs' introspective lyrics powered by completely awe-inspiring flow. This is the pinnacle of experimental rap imo. Mick Jenkins - The Water: Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins releases his third mixtape, and it's absolute fucking fire. Smooth, watery (see what I did there) beats and amazing flow and lyrics by Jenkins. Along with people like Chance the Rapper, NoName Gypsy, and Saabo, Jenkins is another in a long line of amazing Chicago rappers. Flying Lotus - You're Dead!: FlyLo is back with his most personal, introspective, and cohesive album. Everything you expect from FlyLo is here: Jazzy, experimental, electronic beats of the most amazing kind. Best Song of 2014: Never Catch Me by Flying Lotus. I cannot stop listening to it. So anyway, that's all I could think of at the moment! Feel free to continue editing your list if you've listened to new stuff, or just make a new post!