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Found 2 results

  1. I know what you're thinking - if we take the '7 weeks of thread for one day of holiday' standard ratio set by the Halloween thread and extrapolate, then this thread should have started sometime around March last year. But better late than never! Some people here have got their Xmas avatars up already, which is good to see. So, has anyone started making a list of gifts yet? Always good to have one now so that if you get a good gift idea you haven't forgotten it come shopping time in October!
  2. Idle Santa 2014

    I've been meaning to do this earlier, but I've been extremely busy recently, so sorry for the delay! I mentioned it on the Xmas thread if anyone would be interested in a secret santa thing on the idle thumbs forum, and there was some interest, so here is a thread specifically about it. How to enter: PM me with your name, Address and country before the 30th November. In the PM, also state if you are up for: shipping (i.e. physical present), international shipping (i.e. present from abroad), digital, or all/mix of the above! Also state any important information like food allergies. If you are wanting a digital present, also include your steam ID/email address. Rules: Present(s) should cost no less than $20 - $25, excluding shipping (note: I have no idea how much international shipping costs, so if this'll cost too much, let me know!) You must be an established forum account to enter. This is to prevent flakey flakers flaking out at the last minuet, meaning someone doesn't get a present and being sad. They'll probably cry. I know I would. After the 30th, I shall randomly assign people according to their shipping options, and then hopefully people will send off stuff and it'll all be fun and games. You shall get the address of your secret Santa by the 1st/2nd Post on this thread what you get! Or don't! (but do) If there's anything I've missed out, please comment! This is the first time I've tried organizing something like this. I know Bjorn suggested Elfster, but I don't think that this forum is as big as the giant bomb forum. I could be wrong though! I guess I'll find out!