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Favorite Games

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  1. I've got a pretty big games backlog that I'm working my way through, and I've decided to clear a big chunk of it out by playing all the FPSes in chronological order. So I thought I may as well post my thoughts here. It'll likely take a long time - I don't have that much time for gaming at the moment - so this thread may not get updated very regularly. I'll probably play through a lot of the early ones on easy, because I've got a lot to get through and some of those 90s FPSes are crazy tough. I'll also give up on a game if I'm hating it. I'm going to try and stick to the original experience, so no mods and no mouse look for the earliest ones (including DooMTM even though apparently it was possible - no one outside of id actually did that, right?). I'll allow some genre-bleeding. I'll also probably mention a few that I've played previously and can remember my impressions of. My list (mainly for my own interest, I've given a colour rating (only 75 emoticons allowed so couldn't do thumbs!) to all the games played so far. It's mainly about my final enjoyment level rather than a broad review of the game as a piece of art):