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  1. Hello! So I was initially planning to sit this one out to work on some other projects, but given that it's going to be the final Wizard Jam, that's not really an option! I was working (not particularly hard) on a jam game in Love2D over Christmas, but that never really went anywhere; I did at least make a nice faux-3D tube out of circles, lines and polygons, that looks something a bit like this: It was going to be a puzzle/platformer where you moved around the tube, and maybe I'll finish it off at some point. Anyway, that's irrelevant! I didn't have anything that I really wanted to work on for this Wizard Jam; I toyed with the idea of making The Octopus in My Mind, which I've had a vague design for (by which I mean I wanted to apply ragdoll physics to an octopus) for a while, but after scouring the episode titles, I landed on Space Boss: The Lord of Space. My plan is to make a procedurally-generated boss-rush shooter in the style of Warning Forever. I'm forgoing PICO-8 and Love2D in favour of picking up UE4 again, though, so I want to make it full 3D (although think of it like a spherical plane surrounding the boss, and you can move forward or back, which expands or contracts the sphere, if that makes sense. Mostly I just want to mess around with proc-gen stuff, and see if I can make a nice system for creating articulated robot ships from lots of component parts. I'm not really expecting to finish anything (as evidenced by my tube, I've not been particularly motivated recently), but I might at least make something cool.