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Favorite Games

Found 3 results

  1. [Released!] Get Hoisted

    Update: The game is out now! (Original post below for posterity) Friends, it's time for some service. It's time to... (I cannot express the level of excitement I am feeling for this game) Edit Update: January 7, 2018 Back at it. Giving myself a deadline of "about 2 weeks" to get this finished up. Excited to back at it!
  2. Today I sat down at my desk and up and opened my task list for the day and was struck by the mixture of discomfort and terror of "oh no, I can't believe I had to sort through all these support tickets, what did I break this time." Then I looked at the tickets and saw they were from addresses like "[email protected]" and "[email protected]" from when I had previously submitted a bunch of fake support requests to test the ticketing system. I had never bothered to delete or close these old tickets, and my chickens had finally come home to roost. Today, I was most definitely hoist by my own petard.
  3. After making a procedurally-generated pipe photography game for Wizard Jam 4, I'm back for more! I hope ya'll are ready to get hoisted, because LORD HOISTMAS is coming to town. In ancient times, man created a weapon known as the petard. This fearsome explosive was created to destroy walls and doors. But another spicy use was soon discovered: hoisting. 1000 years later, the immortal god-king LORD HOISTMAS rules over the humans. Hoisting has become a professional sport. Every year, we hold the Bagblast tournament, and only the greatest hoister will have the honor of challenging our LORD in the final match. Lord Hoistmas With Bagblast! An explosive bocce-like dystopian pro sports sim with arcade hexagon elements. Play it here: Diversifiers used: Hoisted: You can literally hoist yourself by your own petard. Limited Vocabulary: Your only verb is "throw". "You Just Played Yourself 🔑": Every round begins with your placement of the petard. While you are technically competing against an opponent, the real challenge is to throw your balls close to your original throw. A poor petard placement can make this task very difficult. Texture Thrift: Almost every texture in the game is re-used and re-colored at least once.