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  1. Okay, so about 10-13 years ago I posted on this forum with a fairly lengthy plot synopsis for this film I watched as a kid that I thought was totally awesome (but blatantly wasn't) about a group of soldiers that go into Vietnam(?) and are betrayed by some googly eyed weirdo, while teaming up with an ageing pilot and a reporter with heroin needle scars on her arm. I could only remember weird specific bits like the fact that there is a tertiary character named stone who gets killed in a church and the priest who is with them gets crucified and that it ends with this bug-eyed weirdo who betrayed them, being left in a compound surrounded in flamethrower fire. I posted it to an obscure film thread on facebook, and although no one was able to tell me what it was, it did jog my memory that maybe the bug eyed weirdo was Klaus Kinski. IT WAS. The film is called Codename: Wild Geese and has Lee Van Cleef (as the ageing pilot), Ernest Borgnine and Klaus Kinski in it, it was made by the director who made the Last Hunter - a film that people suggested it might be: I am so happy that I finally get to watch this piece of trash that I only watched once when I was about 7, but that left an indelible lasting impression on me