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  1. Getting me to actually follow through on an idea for once, the Idle Thumbs Community presents: Mouth Feel: The Summer Wizard Cocktail Jam Inspired by Thumbs Tiki Drink Streams and a reader sending in a homemade recipe called the Similar Face, this is a place for people who may not be aspiring game developers but want to drink like devs do. The rules are similar to Wizard Jam's parameters - submit a recipe that uses an Idle Thumbs episode title or otherwise references Idle Thumbs. An abbreviated list of Thumbs titles (about the first 200) can be found here. One important additional rule: For a matter of (literal) taste, please note whether you have made and consumed your cocktail, or at least have created it with the intention of humans doing so. We want to encourage silly jokes like The Fanboy's Lament being 99 bananas and angostura bitters served at room temperature, but the opportunity to share legitimate drinks with silly names and maybe (per Chris) have them featured as drinks on a stream sometimes means we also want to tag appropriately. Submit your cocktail recipes here! If you prepare and document the creation and consumption of a beverage, even better! Please feel free to submit as many recipes as you'd like. If we get to a point where we go through all the suggestions and need to narrow it down, we'll cross that bridge then. Silly starter example: Cool Uncle - a New Belgium Fat Tire, submitted by applecider Go forth and drink!