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  1. I got a new cookbook this Christmas, and I know at least one other Thumb did. I'm hoping to cook more new things because of it, because the main thing that makes me recycle the same recipes again and again is my laziness, to not search for recipes and to not try new stuff that might go poorly. Another fun way that may be motivating is peer pressure! A pun was said in slack and thus the Idle Cook Club is born. Every two weeks we'll plan to make one new meal. One of us just suggests something like "lasagne", and with no other direction you pick what you want to make. It doesn't have to relate if you don't want. So if you don't want to make a lasagne then feel free to make anything else instead. Whatever you're planning you can post about what you've decided to make, tell everyone how it went, good or bad! As a club we can offer moral support, advice and maybe even recipes if you're having trouble finding a good one. This is the list and order in which people suggest dishes. If you want to be removed from the list (or added), just let me know! It swaps over every two weeks on a Wednesday. The current suggester is in bold, along with the date that their suggestion is done and the next person will pick. SuperBiasedMan - Lasagne - 13th January dibs - Savoury Crepes - 27th January Cm0nster - Beans - 10th February jennegatron - Stuffed Peppers - 24th February cordeos - Pizza - 9th March BadFinger - Ramen - 25th March griddelol - Shepard's Pie - 7th April SuperBiasedMan - Burgers - 21st April codicier - Packed Lunch - 5th May sucks2Bme - Sausages - 23rd May Phaedrus - FREE PERIOD - Make what you want - 8th June aprettycooldude - Healthy Home Made Fast Food - 27th June Woodfella - One Pot - 12th July elvaq - Enchiladas - 26th July SuperBiasedMan - Cake - 11th August dibs - Fried Rice - 26th August jennegatron - Curry - 13th September cordeos - Boozey food - 28th September Badfinger - Crock pot - 17th October rilen - Root vegetables - 8th November sucks2Bme - Eat your name - 30th November aprettycooldude - Veggie friendly food - 24th January Woodfella elvaq codicier griddelol