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  1. thecatamites Writes Game Reviews Now

    Perhaps you've heard of thecatamites (or alternatively this website?), either from the various mentions on Rock Paper Shotgun, Venus Patrol's story, or one of thecatamite's unforgettable games, like Murder Dog IV: The Trial of Murder Dog ( ). Or maybe you have no idea who the fuck thecatamites is.Who cares! What's important is that now we have game reviews from thecatamites popping up on this tumblr (although the latest post is Auguste Blanqui's "Eternity Through the Stars" for some reason). And the reviews are amazing. But don't take my word for it! Game development superstar and Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight Team Leader JP "The Breton" LeBreton says that "Game reviews by thecatamites are the most important thing to happen to games writing in the past 5 years. Not kidding." while linking to this gem. I'm inclined to agree, and I was pushed to make this post and evangelize in the style of JP after having just read this peerless work of art. I've been on a kick of reading games writing recently for a few reasons, and it's so incredibly refreshing to read something that's not a hastily "researched" copy and paste job shoved under a provocative headline designed to get people angry or confused enough to read the article to a sufficient degree that they might click the flash ad next to it. I want thecatamites to review all games, forever.