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  1. I hope you're feeling better after recovering from the norovirus, Nick. I'm also wondering if there's any substantial or noticeable difference between Canadian Wonder bread by Weston vs American Wonder by whoever bought it after Hostess went under. Maybe a comparison could be made when you're back stateside. I feel like I've heard tons of differences between food here and there, but I dunno how much of it is apocryphal.
  2. I tried that soft-boiled egg recipe today and it turned out great, really nice consistency. Thank you!
  3. An aloof-douche (which is the guy who comes out at the start of the meal to implicitly insult your tastes)
  4. I like that you guys riffed a typical podcast name as a joke and then actually talked about the true joy of software having an instant "Press Start, Go" experience. That's the quality I've come to expect after 316 episodes of Press Start Go.
  5. I have to admit the Nick thing threw me off because I started listening more to how the words were delivered. At one point I thought Chris was putting on extra emphasis and wondered if he re-read those lines. It was a pretty good experience. Also, the premise of that wine question posed immortality, so the idea of Chris being buried and chiding others for opening his wine was slightly more disturbing in my mind.
  6. Steamed Hams but it's Nick Breckon making Crème brûlée.
  7. I considered this as well, it seems pretty hasty to revise this based on one e-mail to an oft-hoisted cast. But I guess if the source used to add the fact originally is verifiably false they can remove it.
  8. Are you sure? I seem to remember the term being "Defaced Article, Baby."
  9. I'm bummed the product isn't called Elves Misbehavin', complete with parody theme.
  10. I was figuring out what to get during the steam sale and randomly came across this and remembered that I really wanted to play it. I really enjoyed a lot of the game. Especially the light feeling of danger and tension in the first few chapters. The self-contained single character stories were really great, and a good way to switch up the scale of the possibility space from the entire city to a few rooms. Also, the characters came across very strongly, especially the two agents. They really struck me when they were introduced. I found myself wishing there was more back and forth between them as you accomplish goals (and more notes for flavour). Being able to split tasks across characters and locations felt extremely good, and I really enjoyed the puzzles that required teamwork. The traversal was very snappy as well. The only bit that bugged me was waiting for the elevator, but having it move around in real-time was impressive. As for the ending
  11. Planning to do a Hoistmas extravaganza and then forgetting what the heck the holiday entails is peak hoisting. Well done, Lord Hoistmas will be around to say some choice words to you soon.
  12. The Songsmith stuff sounds so nuts. Glad to have a pod where I can learn about this sort of wild niche technology. Nick "Telepresent" Breckon sounded really natural, great job on that.
  13. Maybe it's the excellent football story (great recommendation, Jake) or the hubbub around the big boxing match, but all I could think about during that average person bit was turning on the TV to watch how sports changed only to see that they're such outliers in physical ability that virtually nothing changes. Although I guess my lack of interest in sports would maybe kill the industry as people stopped watching and attending in droves. Dota would get a lot bigger though.
  14. This is basically immediately where I went with the question. My interpretation is that if you're someone (person A) who will mitigate risk primarily, the AI will only put 1000 dollars in the boxes, whereas if you're someone (person C) who will go for the biggest payout, the robot will ensure that there is 1 001 000 dollars in the boxes. But then my mind went down the AI's yomi of "well this person has been very risk-seeking in moderate situations but this extreme situation would cause them to be more risk-averse, so I'll only put $1 000 in the room." Because the AI doesn't just want to predict how you normally act, it wants to predict how you'll act in that exact moment, which are different things. I actually really like Nick's almost zen-like response of "trust the robot will be right, and pick the closed box" even if there is a chance to fail, rather than trying to outplay the AI.
  15. I didn't go listen to it, but I do take looping the intro of canyon.mid without getting to the satisfying melody as a personal attack.