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  1.  I can recommend the Doors pack. every song has a strong keyboard part that's fun to play.Unfortunately a lot (some even on the game disc) have really minimal keyboard parts where you basically end up sitting there for most of the song then getting 50% because you miss the first note when something actually starts happening.

    Yeah, that's exactly what I've found. :( Thanks for the Doors tip tho, I'll check it out.

  2. Yeah it looks like it could be a little status screen or something. Also what's the blue lighty bit on the top? Maybe they embedded Move functionality into the controller?

    Isn't it supposed/rumoured to have a touchpad on the front, like the Vita back pad?

    Also, yeah, first thing I thought was that blue glowing strip looks Move-like.

  3. I picked this up for next to nothing over Christmas with the Pro Keyboard (the smallness of the instrument sold it to me, mostly) but the store communicates really badly what tracks have Pro keys etc. The website doesn't seem to help much either.

    Too bad no one plays this game, I'd assumed that at least one person on the internet would have compiled a list of tracks that are worth buying for keyboard.

  4. It's Killzone all over again, I guess.

    Still, I'm halfway through now and still enjoying it. Funnily enough, the best level so far has been the one with the Old Lady Alien gif.

    You're stripped of your weapon (/bag of 20 weapons) and the other marines for the majority of the level and it's creepy as hell. Too bad the level design was so bad that I had to look up Youtube videos on two separate occasions to find the damn exit!

  5. Hah. Yeah, I've noticed you've been playing it pretty much non-stop since release. :)

    Also, good tip is to hit R3 and look about in person when you see lovely stuff :)

    Oh, wow. I did not know you could do that!

  6. I'd love to see a game based on the first Alien movie… or with that same atmosphere. A single enemy, you're (near) powerless, all about psychological terror. It'd be fantastic! Anything based on Aliens and the Colonial Marines is going to be a run and gun, sadly.

  7. I don't know about the ending plot twist, but based on one review I read, it sounds like:

    The Hicks character is some how alive even though he died between Aliens and Alien 3 and the game does absolutely nothing to justify why he's alive.

    If you really want to geek out about this stuff (and I mean REALLY), there's a whole bunch of inconsistencies listed here:

    But, yes (I haven't got to that part yet, incidentally) this particular thing is one rather large plot hole. :/

  8. The switch between Ghibli cut scenes (few and far between, sadly), in-game animated conversation with audio, and the traditional "characters stand completely rigid without audio while you read text" JRPG bits are a little jarring at first but it just "feels Japanese" and I'm OK with that.

    Also the in-game animated stuff is still pretty nicely done though IMO and, as you say, the backgrounds are gorgeous.

  9. I know I'm going to be in the minority here, but I'm actually enjoying it. Plays like the original CoD "Classic" console port with low res textures and glitches and clipping, this is true, but I enjoyed that too.

    Also, I didn't like Borderlands.

    Is there some kind of specialist that I can see about this? :getmecoat

  10. I'm really enjoying this game so far. I'm only a few hours in though.

    There is just one thing though… and I don't know whether this is because of the delightful music, the glacial pace of the story, newfound narcolepsy, or something else… I can only seem to play for about 45 minutes before I star nodding off! I'm forever finding myself sitting there, controller in hand, almost asleep!

    I don't think this has happened to me with a video game before. Anyone else? :/

  11. Every time Max speaks I think of Chris. Unfortunately that's probably the best thing about the game.

    Any game that encourages me to look for hidden gun bits while failing me for stopping to look for gun bits is a little annoying.

    That said, the

    nightclub bit

    near the start on headphones was wonderfully disorienting. And found myself agreeing with Chris, er, Max about the

    terrible music


    Also, what's a SOILER tag?