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  1. I was surprised but pleased the luring tactic worked. tabacco and I grabbed all of the stuff that was still left by the portal in the Nether and put it into chests by the portal in town, with the exception of materials; those went to the community house storeroom and crafting lab. Tools and weapons and armor and such should still be found in the chests near the portal however, so check there if you lost something during the Zombie Pigmen reign of terror. I fenced in an expansive, irregular piece of real estate around Two Birch Manor, which may make entry and exit -- after you leave town, that is -- somewhat unclear and frustrating. So far there are two fence gates, one more or less in the direction you'd already be heading as you exit the town through the "Congrats Nick" doors -- look for the two torches on either side of the gate, and a three-cube-wide path of dirt & grass. There's also another gate that's behind Two Birch Manor; head left around the structure after you exit town, hugging the wall of the Manor and -- after exiting the gate -- the exterior castle/town wall. I have plans for this space, as well as Birchspire (damaged by Creepers), but let me know if it's annoying and I'll work something out that's more straightforward to traverse. Also within this fenced area is a small starter farm I made, also fenced, with a fence gate in the corner closest to the exterior town doors from the same exit ("Congrats Nick"). Zeus: since your house is deep in the woods and this fence makes it more annoying to get back into town directly than before, I left you a fence gate in your chest in your house. Feel free to take down a piece of fence and setup the fence gate somehwere convenient for your path that lets your access the town entrance (the one to the right of the stables) easily.
  2. Oops! That was me, clearing some trees for some wood. I noticed your house while moving through the space I cleared and tried to set a demarcation line I wouldn't clear into, but leaving the semi-terraced grassy area cleared. I want to eventually make a fast pathway to your mine, and maybe a fenced area for a farm right outside Two Birch Manor. If you want to replant (if you haven't already; I haven't logged in today yet), that's fine, I can try and log elsewhere. If you're up for keeping what's currently gone clear though, I'll stick to not clearing any more of the trees around your place. Sorry about that.
  3. I spent a bit of time building a (currently) homely-looking structure just outside one of the town walls as a functional house and base of operations. To find it, go just outside the town entrance/exit with the "Congrats Nick" sign. It may be a bit too close to the wall, I'm not sure. Until I torched up, skeletons and zombies were seeming to spawn in the gap I intentionally left, but over at least a couple of day/night cycles now, it seems better. Anyway, be on guard if you venture outside near Two Birch Manor.
  4. There's the usual option of PayPal, but you could also consider Square Cash ( I'd chip in some bucks towards keeping the server happy and alive.
  5. Minecraft

    There, fixed that for you. So after dilly-dalling for a week or a bit more, I finally took the plunge and coughed up 9.95 Euros, and I'm now playing the single-player Alpha game. I started flailing around, and only just figured out (after about one day cycle) that I can actually excavate stone, it just takes longer than sand (dirt?). Still working with my bare hands. Since night just came, I dug myself a 1x1x5 (about) hidey hole until daybreak. Clearly I need to hit up the wiki and learn crafting and find tools. I haven't poked around on the website much, but are the downloadable versions of the Classic client and server? Worse come to worst, I'll see about extracting the embedded Java bits out of the webpage. Right after firing up the Alpha Windows client, I almost immediately became interested in writing a clean-room server implementation, to scratch my programmer itch. Actually, I think it may have been more after looking at some of the max player counts on some of the servers I've seen listed so far. Realizing that the game is in constant flux, and the developer(s) is(/are) working on multiplayer functionality, this would be tracking a moving target, but it still appeals to me. I may ping Notch and see if I can convince him, or at least get his blessing.
  6. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Howdy all, For some bizarre reason, I created a forums account in July but haven't posted until now. Fixed! I became aware of Idle Thumbs shortly before Nick left the Idle Thumbs Podcast; I think of myself as relatively new to this whole thing. I appreciate non sequitirs, so the Podcast, and then the podcast, are right up my alley. I'm looking forward to talking about "video" "games" with people here, and hopefully play some as well! I haven't dipped many toes into "the multiplayer" with very many folks who I know at all; it's mostly been random matchmaking with a few Xbox 360 games I'll actually play online (e.g. Modern Warfare 2, more recently Monday Night Combat). My Steam friends list is woefully underpopulated at two. This will date this post further in years to come, but from listening to the Podcast (also: podcast), I'm interested in playing Neptune's Pride, Far Cry 2, Imperial 2030 (this may be more difficult to effect), and others. Outside of Podcast (podcast) shout-outs, I'm also interested in playing more RISK: Factions, Snoopy Flying Ace (yes, I'm serious), and Frozen Synapse with other cool people. Finally, I'm working on developing some games in my spare time, but it's not my day job, so I suppose this qualifies as "independent development". Hopefully one or more of those will make it to being a real thing you can play in the next year or two. The handle/nick/forum name is the name of the "studio", but right now there is only me, modulo the occasional other person(s) I contract for graphic design work and the like. I lurk and almost never post on Giant Bomb and the GWJ forums under the same name as well. You ought to be able to find me on Xbox Live, PSN, and Steam all as "gamekata". Thanks for reading!