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  1. The domain: is available. Just leaving this here.
  2. If you really want your mind blown re: Sheen/Estevez, watch the genuinely awful MST3k classic Soultaker - the main bad guy is played by Joe Estevez, Martin Sheen's brother.
  3. Even though it's an often brought up phrase (necessity is the mother of invention), it's fascinating to hear from the mouths of the creators themselves about how limitations (in scope, budget, technology) affect and shape the decisions made in games, and then how retroactively we pin intent, design and clever forethought to it. Also, I'd never heard of subtractive BSPs before. Learn something cool every day.
  4. Steven Erikson and The Malazan Book of the Fallen

    I started on these after signing up for Audible (slash wizard) and I quite like the audio books. However I've never seen the texts themselves, so, take that as you may. The narrator does an excellent job of characterizing specific voices and keeping them consistent. I would only comment so far that only having read the first two books, the world seems a bit like it was invented on the fly to coincide with the particular story he is telling - for example, I cannot recall ever hearing Calarm(? the assassin bloke) ever discussing his home (Seven Cities?) before book two when they start the whole thing. Also, being perhaps a bit dense myself, it took me going online to a wiki to understand what was happening during the first book when the mages cadre was first introduced, and I had no idea what the heck a warren was. I guess I have that to look forward to - I love when this kind of writing reveals itself. I'm committed to going on through the series, most likely a book a month or so, assuming the book club that month doesn't override.
  5. What would Molydeux

    Don't think I've posted here before... Err, anyways... If you've ever been curious about the identity of the insane mind behind PeterMolydeux, he outed himself a few times on some UK based podcasts, where he's from. It's Adam Capone, gameslave for some contracting company that worked on Kinectimals, and other various things. If you want to listen to him talk to his friends and be generally f-ing weird, let me direct you to the Joypod podcast. He also did an 'interview' with Cane and Rinse, generally summing up who he is and what he's about. No, not shilling for them - I've been a longtime thumbs listener, and found the crossover between Idle Thumbs and this 'smallish' world of UK game podcasts I follow amusing in a 'small world' kind of way. Wanted to share.