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  1. DayZ

    Note to all, be careful when opening doors because I just opened a door in the middle of a barracks surrounded by zombies and it knocked me out, made me bleed out, broke my leg and put me into shock. That's one hell of a door! I logged out in despair and when I logged back in later I had spawned at a new player spawn near Kamenka. I currently have some fairly good equipment and enough food/water for awhile so I started my slow crawl towards the hospital. If anyone is willing to help me mend my broken bones I'd be more than happy to part with my AK with 4 clips of ammo (helixxp on Steam)
  2. DayZ

    I think I may have given the wrong impression in my last post. I don't log on to low population servers to stock up on stuff then go to higher populated servers and kill people. I'm just tired of getting sniped from long range while i'm shambling around without a weapon still not able to figure out how to turn on/off my flashlight. My enjoyment thus far, has come from the nature survivalist aspects of this game. Perhaps I'm playing the wrong game. Perhaps I need some friends to play with. Perhaps I just need a can of beans.
  3. DayZ

    Ya, I'm trying to say on low population servers for the time being just to be able to gather some of the more "essential" items before I get into full scale bandit survival.
  4. DayZ

    It makes me smile that I found a ghillie suit, a revolver, some matches, a shotgun and painkillers yet I'm starving to death. This game is... great. Also, while scouting a small village from a treeline I observed another player riding through town on a bike kiting a train of zombies. Instantly I recalled Sean's face from the livestream as he rode his bike around at breakneck speeds down hills. Thanks
  5. DayZ

    PS. Don't fall out of a treestand with no bandages on hand.
  6. DayZ

    Any tips on getting your first weapon? Anything that I can help defend myself against a zombie. So far I've spent a few hours in and can't figure out for the life of me how you're supposed to get your mitts on a gun when the spawn points are surrounded by zombies. Am I just supposed to charge in, grab and run? Sneaking so far has just lead to eventual spotting zombies and fleeing.
  7. DayZ

    Jumped into DayZ on my lunch break today... So far been chased by countless zombies, found ammo for guns I don't have, picked up enough empty cans to make a six-pack(still don't know how to throw these things), and finally made my way into a deer hunters hide which seems like the zombies can't climb up into. Stress!!
  8. I have a Samsung Slate 7 and was wondering if FTL would lend itself to a touch interface? Carrying a mouse/keyboard on the bus kinda sucks but this game seems like it would be perfect for commuting.