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  1. My fav strategy gaming podcast 3MA took on game mechanic copyrights: This debate was sparked by this board game geek interview: And this no high scores write up: A highly contentious issue in my opinion. The video game industry itself has thrived by a lot of game mechanic copy cats. If id could copyright FPS, or Nintendo copyrighting platformer game mechanics, the industry wouldn't be what it is right now. Clearly this is something that is very prevalent with board games. For instance, Hasbro has been very aggressive against copy cats of their IP. Are board games different that game mechanics of board games can be protected by copyright? I'm not sure what to think about this.
  2. Fallout: New Vegas

  3. Tolkien wants you to collect 12 Orc livers.

    I'm playing this currently for a game diary feature for my blog. I have never played MMO's except some bad ones. LOTRO is allright. For a free to play MMO, it certainly beats its competitors. Yes there are a lot of quota quests but at least they don't force you to find/fight some insane amount. It's normally 6 or so stuff. Only level 13 now. The crafting is.... I mean I understand why people are into crafting in MMO's but...I'm not the type of person that likes them I suppose.
  4. Civilization 5

    I haz no oil:frusty: Should I declare war on Babylon again to get oil from his territory(did it before for coal)?
  5. BioShock Infinite

    Someone needs to make a new Remo spotting thread
  6. Civilization 5

    LOL it's Kuala Lumpur
  7. Civilization 5

    AI needs work I suppose. Or just a great mod. And is Bismarck the new Montezuma?
  8. Good Old GOG

    It's all the rage now.
  9. Dragon Age II

    How can I forget this. Also, I think I can confirm..... There will be WIZARDS in Dragon Age 2.
  10. Dragon Age II

    Well the pre determined character thing can also be a result of a shorter dev cycle. If you compared this to the development of Dragon Age which took forever, DA2 probably would take 1 and a half years(if we guesstimate they started this sometime around the development of Awakening). You can understand why making dialogue options for two alternate characters(and there could be more since you could play different type of classes) is the most practical option if they are planning to hit Q2 2011. However, I'm quite nervous to hear about the changes to the combat system. Oh and VIDEO GAMES!
  11. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi! I like wizards!