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  1. I think I prefer Enemy Starfighter as a name but the game still looks amazing.
  2. Other podcasts

    #supertrain I tend to be picky about podcasts. If a cast hits a bad run of episodes I'll stop listening, and there are a few that I listen to at 1.25x speed (or faster) because I know the hosts are slow at conversing. Roderick On The Line, Spontaneanation with Paul F. Tompkins, Pistol Shrimps Radio, and The Memory Palace are the only ones I give my full attention to at normal speed.
  3. DOOM

    I played around a bit with Snapmap (snapmap!) last night. It seems okay, but it is a bit limited. You can only use the preset rooms, which means that if your layout needs say a large room with three exits arranged in a certain way there's nothing you can do except rearrange everything you've made up until that point. It's only a few minutes work, granted, but it's frustrating that you know what you want to put in place but can't. I suppose I feel this way because I have some experience making maps for TF2, which uses a proper full feature level editor. I'm just hoping that Snapmap (snapmap!) doesn't stop id from releasing a proper set of mod tools including a level editor and the ability to add custom content. Part of the legacy of Doom is in user created maps and mods, and I feel that would give the game a lot more legs than the multiplayer.
  4. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    Wolfenstein: The New Order was great. Doom (ahem DOOM) is also great. Will there be a new Quake that competes? I'd be curious as to how it might be modernised like Wolf and Doom.
  5. Half-Life 3

    This will make you feel... something: Half-Life 2: Episode 3 was announced ten years ago.
  6. Kentucky Route Zero

    Every time a new episode is about to be released I have gone back and replayed the previous episodes, making choices based on how much I have changed and how much better I understand the world of KRZ. That's what I'm going to do again soon. I include those interstitial episodes that they released for free in that too.
  7. Kentucky Route Zero --@cardboardcompy Looks like Episode 4 might be soon (or as soon as KRZ usually is).
  8. There's a thread on NeoGaf that stats regarding Pornhub search terms and the Overwatch Open Beta. Tracer is the most searched for term that also contains the word "Overwatch" so it seems as though Blizzard's character designs did what they were intended as titillation.
  9. I've played hundreds of hours of Dark Souls 1, and have played everything from Demon's Souls to Bloodborne, and I have a question for the rest of you. How are you finding the difficulty of DSIII? I thought it was easier than the others and I beat probably 2/3rds of the bosses on my first try, but obviously I know how to play these games pretty well so my opinion is completely skewed.
  10. Hitman: Steve Gaynor Edition

    I played Sapienza through just once so far, but the very first interior I found and entered was the "bohemian" with the joint, so 10/10 would Hitman again
  11. The threat of Big Dog

    When it got knocked over I felt bad, but when it got back up I was terrified.
  12. I just finished it. EDIT: I had a look at Tom Chick's review and I apparently agree with it.
  13. The Witness by Jonathan Blow

    I'm currently at 259 +10. A while ago I found something weird that I'll spoiler tag an explanation.
  14. Reggie Watts asks Jeff Goldblum a question and Goldblum Goldblums all over. Gold. EDIT: Solid thread, btw.
  15. QUILTBAG Thread of Flagrant Homoeroticism

    This is a silly little thing, but it'd be nice to post it here. Here in Ireland, the current government posted its annual budget today that lays out various changes in welfare and tax and so on. The department of finance used a same sex couple to illustrate the point: Considering the historic vote earlier this year to make same sex marriage legal in Ireland, it's nice to see it actually taking effect in other capacities.
  16. Far Cry PRIMAL

    Two questions: 1. What will the towers be in this game? 2. What flavour of racist overtones will be in this game?
  17. So the creator of The Stanley Parable has a new game out

    Oh! I didn't mean your phrasing. I think those points are made in the Stanley Parable and remade and countered in the new game, and I was just expounding on what is implied-but-unsaid in the Beginner's Guide.
  18. Recently completed video games

    I recently completed GTAV. It's incredible that a game that big can have nothing to say that isn't crass or vulgar or chauvinistic or plain old fashioned misogyny, and nothing else. I thought it was funny that in this open world crime simulator, a good portion of the game is doing regular everyday tasks, like mopping floors or doing some work at the docks or driving around in a car. Incidentally, you spend 90% of the game driving, but it isn't very fun to do so. It's just busy work to inflate the play time of the game. I couldn't help but think "This Is Why We Video Gaming" by Leigh Alexander after almost every mission, and every few minutes during the in between bits too. What a heap of rubbish.
  19. Bye Danielle. I liked your perspective on the 'cast, and your taste in games was probably closer to mine than other Thumbs. I will listen to the new 'cast. Also: Here is the Nick Bostrom essay about life on Mars and why it could be a terrible thing for humanity.
  20. So the creator of The Stanley Parable has a new game out

    I played it last night.
  21. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    MGSV Costume DLC Horse armour, blokes get MGS3 stuff and a tux, women get [bAPS OUT]. Whether Kojima is involved or not doesn't matter, because Metal Gear is still Metal Gear.
  22. Initially, the expansion was only given the US price of $20. Usually, this means that the price here will be €20. Instead, it's been reported that it will be £11.99/€14.99.