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  1. I played through the audio tour last night. A lot of it feels like Idle Thumbs minicasts scattered throughout the game world. There was a Far Cry 2 reference. 10/10
  2. Duolingo - TWO LANGUAGE-O

    How did I not know about this before? I thought I was going to teach myself Esperanto this year, for no particular reason, but I fell off by February or March. I was surprised to see that Irish is available on Duolingo though, and that it has like two million people trying to learn it. It's a difficult language that does get much use here in Ireland. It also tends to cause more problems than it solves. Anyway, I think I'm going to use it to brush up on my Irish, and then move on to Esperanto and give it another go.
  3. The Last Guardian

    It's been delayed again (until 6th December). lol.
  4. ketchup on pizza

    this thread is a rollercoaster of trash
  5. ketchup on pizza

    ketchup is sweet but that still doesn't make it good or edible
  6. haha is it bad? can you point out some of the worst offenders?
  7. I like the Sunday writing roundups that some sites like Rock, Paper, Shotgun do, so here's some Deus Ex related reading: - Alec Meer at RPS reckons Adam Jensen is out of place in Prague I agree with some of the points made in this piece. The major thrusts of Human Revolution were centred around Jensen's personal relationships and being the first man not to need the future drug that makes augmentations work. Having ol' Chiselarms come back for this one just adds a lot of sequel baggage without doing anything interesting with it. I don't remember if Jensen even has any direct interaction with the behind-the-scenes bad guys in HR and his story was mostly resolved in that game, so why is he in Prague? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - Gareth Damian Martin at Kill Screen goes on some digital tourism of Mankind Divided's vision of Prague I have been to Prague in real life, and I was curious to see if there was anything I recognised. I haven't seen any landmarks I might know, but Kill Screen delves into how "has always felt like a city uniquely in communion with the past and future versions of itself." Plus, there are some nice pictures. I think the environmental art direction is top notch, even though a lot of the clothes that people are wearing around the city seem wildly impractical. Cyberpunk fashion! Bonus: a Dead End Thrills gallery of Human Revolution. - Tom Francis, he of Gunpoint fame, tries to figure out what made Deus Ex maps good (using the original and HR) It's mostly about investing in one method of problem solving. One thing to note is that the preorder bonuses of both HR and MD give additional upgrade currency, which complete upsets the balance and destroys the sense of specialisation. Strangely, those bonuses are a one-time use boost in the new game, meaning that on subsequent playthroughs, you will have to play the game as intended rather than breaking the balance because you were enthusiastic. It's almost as if the marketing for this game was rubbish from all angles. - Joe Martin at Eurogamer from 2014 about previous failed attempts at a Deus Ex sequel I always find this kind of thing interesting, alternate visions of alternate futures that don't come to pass. It also highlights that different people have different interpretations of what makes Deus Ex what it is, and that the original was this (video by Mark Brown of Game Maker's Toolkit), whereas HR and MD are really more of a stealth RPG, maybe?
  8. Here's a tip: Nick is the only one who doesn't say "... and I'm Nick Breckon."
  9. Kentucky Route Zero

    Thanks for pointing Cara Ellison's essay out. KRZ is so good partially because it's so dense with ideas, and sparse, and so ambiguous, and concrete. I just replayed Act 1 and I picked up a few things I missed, like the mention of characters and concepts from Act 3 in a conversation with Joseph (?), the man at the petrol station at the beginning. Also

    I never played the original, but I played a bit more of the tech test today. I haven't played a CoD style game since the first Black Ops, and the last multiplayer game that I was really into was TF2. Having played more of this demo, I am more interested in it than I though I would be. There was a note from Respawn saying that the charge rate for titans for the hardpoint mode was too low and it has been raised. I also noticed that the order of the modes in the menu had been changed. I was deathmatch, hardpoint, bounty hunt. Now it's bounty hunt, hardpoint, deathmatch. It seems to have shifted the number of players in each of the game modes. I prefer the objective modes rather than pure shoot mans, so that's a good change. The first match I hopped into, I was on the losing side of a hardpoint match and every enemy on the other team had their mechs out and it was a silly clusterfuck. It felt like a very different game to what I was playing yesterday, and I'm curious what other changes they can make server side that would affect how matches play out. I also unlocked the Stim ability, and I have found it to be really useful. It quickly heals you and gives you a big speed boost, and I was able to flank other pilots and titans pretty easily with it. It keeps your head down, where the grappling hook exposes you. The grapple is fun, but I feel like it has killed me more than it has been useful. The match after that was on the Homestead map and the enemy team had a bunch of snipers. I felt like I kept getting killed without much recourse, but it was pretty easy to have at least two of the points captured and amped so that we had much, much more points than they did. The evacuation epilogue at the end of the match is a good idea. It has a a hint of the end of a Team Fortress 2 match, but with a lot more going on. Overall, I'm interested. I'm not sure if I want to get into a multiplayer shooter, but I've had fun. Maybe I'll pick it up on sale next summer. Maybe it's one of those games. Unless the single player ends up being really good as well.
  11. ketchup on pizza

    Twig this is all your fault you did this you did this to us
  12. ketchup on pizza

    this thread is a nightmare
  13. ketchup on pizza

    ketchup brings out the worst in everyone
  14. ketchup on pizza

    pizza is bad.
  15. Pokemon GO

    Is this the new series of Black Mirror?
  16. Life

    Wow I have had a remarkably similar experience: diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (I'm the only one in my entire extended family), attended several funerals of friends' parents over the last six months, finished a master's degree after returning to university and have been unemployed now for too long. I was going to go for a PhD but I have some serious doubts about whether I really want a life in academia. All I have really figured out is that I feel I did everything right, through school and university, and I took care of my health, and this and that. None of it really seems to have mattered though, and I'm at the mercy of random misfortunes and the whims of strangers.
  17. The Witcher 3: What Geralt Wants

    I think Hearts of Stone is kind of standalone but Blood and Wine feels like an epilogue.
  18. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    Everybody is expecting the catbird to die in The Last Guardian. But what if it's the boy that dies. what if. :|
  19. DOOM

    Mick Gordon also did the soundtrack for the recent Wolfenstein games and is doing the music for Arkane's Prey. He seems to have a good relationship with Bethesda so he might pop up in Quake too?
  20. Resident EVII_: P.T. Pretender

    There seems to be a lot more going on than it initially seems. There's a reddit thread where they're compiling everything.
  21. Mirror's Edge 2. I'm not even fucking joking.

    Wow, this is a dusty old thread. Has anyone else played Mirror's Edge: Catalyst? I finished it the other day. The movement is a lot tighter, and the somewhat open world suits the abilities you have a lot better too. However, the story is rubbish and the characters is really bland or unlikeable. If anyone is playing this, I'd recommend turning runner vision to classic mode or completely off. It makes you actually think about what you're doing rather than following the red ghost to the cutscene.
  22. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    Counterpoint: A boulder rolls down a hill, fire propagation, weapons breaking mid-combat. New Zelda is the Nintendo's Far Cry 2.
  23. DOOM

    Mick Gordon did an excellent job on the soundtrack. There are some neat little videos on his youtube channel about his work on the game.