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  1. DayZ

    Sorry bout the delay. I had to step away from the game for a few days. I had some pretty rough deaths. I go by idiotpassenger on steam, so you can message me there.I do like the idea of random "Baboo"s in the night thought. I have this image of a marauding pack of thumbs running through the forest at night Babooing wildly. Meanwhile, a lone survivor armed with only a hatchet sets up his tent and campfire to get some much needed rest. He hears a strange bird-like noise in the distance. Then another. And another. Its getting closer. He hits the prone zone and hides behind a tree. An eerie silence washes over the scene. A few moments pass and the survivor stands and returns to his camp, "That was freaky." he thinks to himself as he sits by the fire. Suddenly out of the darkness, he is surrounded by a dozen men in ghillie suits. They start Babooing as they close in around him. Frightened and shaking he looks up at them and yells "WHO ARE YOU?!?" The Babooing stops suddenly and a low voice echoes in the night. "The Wizard." The lone survivor is the pelted with cans of beans as the group dissappear into the mily blackness of the night.
  2. DayZ

    The latest update for Dayz Commander added a feature that allows you to search for other players. Feel free to look me. I'm usually soloing in low pop servers tryin to gear up before I hit a more populated server.

    It's not the size of the image...
  4. Wow. That Mt Eden song is badass. Reminds me of this...
  5. What the whaaaa!!! Grab your books cause I'm 'bout to school your ass, son! hold on to your butts...cause they're about to shake!
  6. So as the title suggests, I think Limbo is the countdown ender, or rather, almost was for me. I listened to the cast before playing the game and I still found myself shocked the first time I died (about 5 secs. in). It was quite sobering and I felt bad, not because I had died so soon or so easily, but because I had let down the little boy I was suppose to be helping. I kept playing for a few minutes until the part when you finally see another person, who sitting at the bottom of a hill. That's when I almost lost it. It's the first time I can remember that a game has made me the slightest bit emotional. This game is badass. Also...tasty remix Snooglebum, but I feel "G-Funk Revival" is a more accurate genre label.
  7. Horror/Scary movies

    I think everyone should watch AM1200. It's a short indie horror that clocks in at 45 mins. 99% of this film is fucking brilliant. The other 1% is just bad CGI that's only on screen for maybe 20 secs. Go find it right now!!!
  8. Metro 2033?

    Confirmed I picked this up on my way home today. I'm maybe 45 mins in and already find the aiming to be frustrating as hell. I've changed the difficulty to easy and cranked the auto aim and sensitivity sliders to max, and I'm still a horrible shot. I guess I've just been ruined by Red Dead Redemption's aiming mechanic. Having said that, the game looks great and I shall press onward. Also...I just noticed the giant thumbs up statue in the forum banner.
  9. A Life Well Wasted: Big Ideas

    hell yeah! I had given up on new episodes of this cast. check out their website and buy some kick ass posters... oops....they're all sold out...sorry
  10. Alan Wake

    At first i was like "Meh..." But then i was like "HOLY SHIT BLACK ANGELS GOTY ALL YEARS!!!!!" but seriously...the black angels fucking own.
  11. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello everybody. My name is Shaun and I suffer from a rare condition known as Puff Knuckle.
  12. So this must be what heroin junkies feel when they get a fix. Oh, who am I kidding... I know exactly how that feels! Glad you guys are back. don't do drugs...