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  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops

    I feel the same way. The one big thing I was hoping they would fix was the whole killstreak problem, and they found a way to have the full killstreak customization without all the killstreaks going off all the time. Because of this the pace feels more like a COD4 match did than a MW2 match, and the game is better for it. A lot of the maps are well designed and the COD points work really well, especially when you get into buying whatever perks you want in any order. I still wish they would allow for that sort of customization in the single player, similar to how Rainbow Six works, but I understand that they are going for a more cinematic experience and that is fine. I have yet to play the single player so I dont know how good the story is, but it sounds like the story is very good.
  2. This clip reminded me of how much I love to listen to people talk about video games who just played video games for the first time, or whatever. A lot of people can be very close minded about games, and when people just try it out and see how amazing games can be it offers a very special experience. I dont really remember how I felt when I first played video games and I think that is true for most gamers. It is easy to forget how amazing video games can be when one plays them daily, so to listen to someone's newly formed opinions on games can be very refreshing
  3. BioShock Infinite

    I love how each successive game in the Bioshock series gets closer to the moon. At this rate the Moon setting prediction will be correct.
  4. Books, books, books...

    If you like history books you might want to look up Eric Foner's book The Story of American Freedom. Not sure if you read it before, but it is basically about how the definition of freedom changed throughout US history, covering most everything from the American Revolution up to present day. I am only about 3 chapters in, but it is a good book for those who are interested in history books.
  5. Wizaaaaaards!!

    The man in the picture is the captain, in case you have never seen Deadliest Catch. He must be the wizard on the ship.
  6. Books, books, books...

    Right now I am half way through Communion: A True Story by Whitley Strieber. It is basically about an alien encounter the author had as well as some other strange occurences he experienced throughout his life and how he deals with them. I would suggest it for anyone interested in this sort of stuff, but it is best to at least start the book with an open mind. Also, it can be a pretty creepy book if you read it late at night. I am also trying to find a book that a read back in high school but I cant remember the name of the book. It is about a selfish man who lives with his mother and is too lazy to get a job or do anything for himself, and instead he makes others do everything for him. I cant really remember much of the story because I didnt read the whole book, but I do remember a part where he gets a job selling hot dogs from a hot dog stand but he only uses the job so he can walk around the city and eat hot dogs all day. If anyone knows what book I am talking about could you reply. Thanks. EDIT: I found the book I was looking for. It is called A Confederacy of Dunces. If you read what I wrote above and are interested in the book, the following is a link to the book's wiki. It is pretty good.
  7. New Oddworld Games On The Way

    The only Oddworld game I ever played was the most recent one, Stranger's Wrath, and I thought it was really good. Hopefully whatever game is made next is as creative as Stranger's Wrath. That is what I enjoy the most about Oddworld games: love em or hate em you can never say they arent creative games.
  8. DeathSpank

    I have only played the trial version of the game on XBLA, but I am loving this game. I am going to have to buy it at some point. There are so many funny touches that Ive noticed in the trial alone, so I could imagine laughing at a lot of other stuff further in the game
  9. Horror/Scary movies

    That is fine, but if I am missing some greatness in today's horror films or your opinion is different from mine please feel free to share your opinion.
  10. Watching other people play games

    I love watching other people play video games. The only exception for me are online shooters. I cant be in the same room as anyone that is playing an online shooter because I will start telling that person what they should do and I just get really bothered when I watch them die because they made a terrible tactical decision. My brother loves to play MW2, but when I am in the room I always get on his case and tell him he makes poor decisions and stuff like that, and he ends up getting mad at me. I love watching people play other games and I usually get some enjoyment out of watching others play, but I cant do it for online FPS games.
  11. Horror/Scary movies

    I was scrolling through my Netflix Instant queue last night when I came across I Know What You Did Last Summer and I decided to watch it just because I remember liking tha movie when it came out in the 90s. I didnt really pay too much attention to the movie, however, because I couldnt get my mind off of how great I thought scary movies were in the 90s and early 00s. Movies like Scream, The Sixth Sense, Blair Witch, etc. all had something to them that scary movies today are just missing, whether that is a good story or whatever. It just seems like scary movies these days rely too much on cheap scares to get by or a ton of gore, and that really isnt scary nor does that stuff produce a good scary movie. There are still some scary movies that remind me of the older movies, but for the most part it feels like the quality of scary movies has declined in the past decade much like hip-hop music has. Perhaps I feel this way simply because scary movies have always been produced for a younger audience and I am no longer a part of that audience. Does anyone else feel this way? Also, can anyone else think of good scary/horror films they recently saw that they liked?
  12. Nifty browser games (inc. Flash)

    There is a game similar to this on the Droid. Not sure what it is called, but my friend would play it all the time.
  13. Nifty browser games (inc. Flash)

    I played this cool dungeon crawler right at the beginning of June. I think the game was called Monster's Den or something like that, but I was addicted to that game for a while. Havent gone back to it though because I got stuck at this boss and I am not sure what to do. BTW, if anyone happens to play that game and you get past the boss I am talking about (I think it is the fourth one in the game) could you please reply to my post?
  14. Recently completed video games

    I just beat Halo Wars and I thought it was a pretty good game. I dont know much about strategy games and what makes each one good, but HW's campaign was put together nicely. Also, the skirmish mode can be a lot of fun. Hopefully I get around to playing the game again, but it is definitely good enough to warrant multiple playthroughs. I would definitely suggest the game for anyone that is in to strategy games and/or Halo. Very fun experience.
  15. Journey (thatgamecompany's next thing)

    The game looks very nice. It is an art style that I have never seen before.