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  1. I think anyone who thinks this incarnation of the podcast is "less weird and funny" must have a weirdly specific hearing loss of the exact frequency of Jake's voice. If your definition of "less crazy" is: Jokes spanning many episodes involving "backing into a fake arm" and "a kidnapper called Phaderus who appears to be slowly morphing into a teenage girl" then your dictionary sucks. Honestly, I encountered this podcast at a phase when I suddenly got back into games after ignoring them for 7 years. It started with Arkham Asylum in March.It ended in July with the horrible company I was doing shitty games journalism for imploding and my second hand xbox doing the same two days later. In that span of a couple of months I listened to all the back episodes of the following casts: Giant Bomb, GFW, Brainy Gamer, Bitmob, Weekend Confirmed, Rockpapershotgun and the idle thumbs cast. It was an intense and weird thing. But after this bizarre gaming fog-of-war thankfully lifted (I still respect games ect, I just like other things more and really cannot afford them) I wanted to stick with the thumbs. Maybe it's cause I'm from Ireland and value banter above all other things or maybe it's because these guys seemed like dudes I have hung out with in the past. I often thought it would be great if they had another podcast that wasn't even about games. They are just funny dudes, funny in a way none of my comedy podcasts (said like "my stories") manage. Organic,unselfconscious humor with no reason to pander or give a fuck about anyone getting it. I thought Sean fit in well and really liked his earnest, funny and enthusiastic presence. He also spells his first name in the only correct way (oh yes Edgar Wright, I extend you every invitation to suck it) . I said this to the guys in an email but I'd like a Jake and Sean bullshit-about-nothing cast. I know the myriad of reasons this would not work and that all the guys now hate me for suggesting it. But think of the majestic wave of anger that would greet two Thumbs, starting a non-gaming related cast that could legitimately be called Famous/Video Games. And there aren't two men more suited to growing large on the ensuing ire. And Chris's song Is one of my favorite tunes of this year. So ace. Yeah so, thanks for the pod guys, you cast it so elegantly. I will stand on the roof of my shitty apartment complex after hearing the last one and emit a mournful "gunga galunga!" Ps, really obvious favorite quote "I almost immediately moved on to thinking 'oh cool, a wizard I wonder if he has a sweet hat' "
  2. Looking forward to spin off podcast All In The Phaedrus. Man, that shit was terrifying. "OF COURSE I MEAN PHAEDRUS"
  3. Doctor Who: The Adventure Games

    This would have been markedly improved if it had the IllBleed trailer music playing behind it, that would at least explain how dead the two of them look. It really does look if the new doctor who had come out around 2001 and they had a scene where they got TRAPPED IN A COMPUTER VIDEO ENTERTAINMENT GAME! A bit too reminiscent of Reboot for my liking. Also not to be all fannish inquisitional but don't both Matt Smith and Karen Gillan sound completely unconvinced by how good the game is? And they act for a living. Oh well.
  4. Deadly Premonition

    Even though in my first post I made a point of not linking to my website, I will spam here. For good reason though I think, I interviewed Swery and sort of immediately asked him the most obvious question. He seemed kind of mad but my questions were translated into japanese and his answers were translated back into English so maybe a little something is lost. Man, I really enjoyed the game in the same way I enjoyed the newest series of twilight zone or the movies of Frank Henenlotter. There is so much enthusiasm and ideas there that you can sort of ignore the technical failings or even think they are sort of endearing. This is a pretty condescending attitude though, I think what I really mean is that it is inspiring to see how little common sense and conventional wisdom played into what Swery believed they could achieve with the game. Despite him being sensitive about it, I would love to have seen the even more Twin Peaksy version. The Giant Bomb playthroughs have made this game a lot easier for more people to enjoy, I have to play a ton of games so I don't think I could have devoted the time or indeed the patience to playing this myself. The MST3K dynamic works pretty perfectly for games and VJ were a lot better at it than say the retsuprae guys. Controller swapping style co-op (Vinnie had soul control but you know what I mean) is my favourite way to play games and the endurance run of Deadly Premonition is the perfect example of why that is. I may thinking Army of Two: Bro Harder was an average cover based shooter but I played most of it through tears of laughter with my flatmate. And it wasn't even necessarily mocking the game a lot of the time, it was just kind of being jackasses. I am glad this Endurance Run managed to both showcase this bizarre game and also provide such a sterling example of why that way of playing is so awesome. Oh and here's the interview if you're still interested, sorry for link whoring, I just really think the idea of both Deadly Premonition and Endurance Run are so interesting. Why could anyone see happening with the sequel? Jeff made a good point about the origion of the Red Seeds being played out but most of the characters being dead. I wonder if another cult game of this sort will arise soon. Hopefully, that might mean another interesting sort of critical conversation that this game has sparked.
  5. Annoying gaming news site headlines

    I have been a games journalist for roughly three weeks and am already the Henrich Himmler of Headline war crime. I'm not going to link you to this site(who wants to be that guy?) but i said I'd join to let you guys read some of the worst ones. Steam comes to Mac(It's a Grey's Anatomy thing): Mac Steamy Red Dead Redemption/Irish controversey (Father Ted Reference) "I hear you're a racist now, Rockstar" Red Dead Redemption/ Ice T controversy IceT: is a player, hates this game. Heavy Rain Movie: Yo man, we heard you like game movies so we put a movie-game in your game-movie so can move your game while you game your movie. App of the Dead A whole new connection between the words “Apple” and “Shuffle” Splatterhouse launch: All A-gored the Splatterhouse Heavy Metal Launch Cruise Hopefully my cringe-train will continue to roll on for a while yet.