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  1. Mass Effect 3

    Seems like a sensible move. Alien sexing is not fun to watch, implied romance is nice. Also the ending hurts me inside.
  2. Idle Thumbs London meet?

    I'm happy in your disappointment as I couldn't of got there. Tastes like lemon meringue for some reason.
  3. Well how long is that bullshit going on? (I'm very polite on my first visit, the podcast did it, fucking wizards) Edit: Bury is my last name by the way and you just blew my mind.
  4. Wizaaaaaards!!

    I recently met a wizard whilst out drinking, she cast no spells (I know, female wizards, what's the world coming to!) anywho, it scared the crap out of all around me when I shouted "MOTHERFUCKING WIZZAAARDDD!" at the top of my voice every time I saw her.