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  1. It's nice to see someone commit to a thing for the entire game.
  2. Oh no. What have I done?
  3. This is like NP in a nutshell. I've never been in a situation where I had an opportunity to save another player and I really wanted to make that work. Of course, this was after I turned on Murdoc because he started cruising through my stars and I thought he was trying to gather intel to attack me. Then Deleric turned on me and I went crawling back to Murdoc (which was the reason the game took so long). I'm not sure how I made it as far as I did since I had such a horrible starting position. Obviously the AFK people helped, but that mostly benefited Murdoc. I would love to play another game with the dark galaxy option. I'm going to need a little break first though. Edit: Also, Congratulations Murdoc!
  4. Game One is finally over! I feel a tiny bit responsible for dragging the game out for so long, but it would have been over much sooner had everyone gone along with the plan(s) (including me). Also, this was the second time I've been assigned the name Jake Rodkin. I still have no idea how to RP that other than signing my messages Baboo and Bird Noise. Some sort of voice interaction would have made it a bit easier, I think.
  5. Choose Galaxy from the drop-down menu. In the Galaxy view, click on $E $I or $S to sort by the type. Clicking on the eye after the star's name will center the camera on that star.
  6. I spent a good 30 minutes clicking on everything trying to find the menu to rename ships. I'm so sad this is gone.
  7. Hell yeah, NP2! Let's do this!
  8. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    Whoa new forum software. Good game guys. I was in a really shitty starting spot with no real ally so there was no hope for me. I'm still cracking up at Jeff Gonegamegoldgame trying to get me to give him range for information about yellow's yet-to-happen attack, all while he was sending ships my way at the same time. I wish we could get another 12 player game going, maybe on that sweet spiral map.
  9. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    It's been too long since the last game, I totally forgot about the start too. Thanks for sponsoring the game, dibs!
  10. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    So the dream of another 12 player game is dead then, eh? Friday is fine for me. I'm East Coast NA.
  11. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    I'm in! I also have a bunch of galactic credits burning a hole in my pocket.
  12. I am totally alive! I was hibernating until either the next game of NP started or the podcast came back.
  13. Just hearing the brief guitar intro again makes me happy! This is pretty great, guys.
  14. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    I somehow managed to get away with not having any ships for a really long time. When I moved in on the orange and blue guys, I decided that I better take them completely out of the game. I used pretty much all of my ships doing that. There may have been a window where Murdoc could have made a move but by the time he let me through, I had built my fleet back up. The game certainly becomes more fun when there's backstabbing involved. I don't think I've felt the stress of worrying about someone turning on me in two or three games now. Without that stress, it just becomes a star capturing/space ship routing simulator. During those early games, I used to plan my lunch hour around the time we paid in game. I just don't get that excited about it anymore. :/
  15. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    I feel pretty crappy about that win. It would be nice if we could finish a game without any AI players.
  16. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    I just noticed the Beta 2 at the top of the page. Was that there during the last game? I can't find a list of changes anywhere.
  17. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    I'm in! I'd be glad to host too.
  18. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    It did occur to me that you might flip on me, but you were in a horrible starting position and, like you said, you probably wouldn't have won the game. There was a moment where you suggested that I go after Wubbles first. I thought you might have been in cahoots with Laxan at that point. I had a lot of ships just hanging around before I went after Laxan and that attack didn't really use as many as I thought it would so I kept piling them on the star next to Sterope II to keep Wubbles at bay. I was also sending tech upgrades to tabacco without any other contact or agreement so that Wubbles couldn't send any more ships to Sterope II. If I had gone after Wubbles first, it would have been all over for me.
  19. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    Combat for me is basically punching numbers into the battle calculator and acting on the results. There really isn't any thought behind it other than moving ships into the best positions and covering your ass. I agree that the diplomacy is the best part of the game. I couldn't have won without Murdoc but it doesn't matter as much in the smaller games. I think I like the stress of the backstabbing and double crossing that happens in the 8-12 player games. If only we could get that many people to play and not drop out.
  20. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    Yeah, I have a whole list of stuff that I would like to see added to NP but I don't think that they're even working on it anymore. The most important thing I wanted was to receive an email notification when you have an in-game message. Your login is tied to your gmail account, how hard can that be to add? Also, sorry Laxan.
  21. I just checked out the server for the first time and my, that depot is glorious! The screenshots do not do it justice. Could I get added to the build list? I'm heylauren in game. I promise not to be a dick!
  22. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    When you said small, you weren't kidding!
  23. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    Friday is good for me.
  24. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 6!

    I'm up for another round but it looks like it would just be the two of us. :/