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  1. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 5

    Yay! Man, I've missed this game.
  2. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 5

    Are we going to use new aliases or can we just use an old one/forum name?
  3. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 5

    Are there still spots open? I will probably get distracted too but I promise I won't quit. However, if I fail my classes, I'm blaming all of you!
  4. Halo Reach

    Yeah, Firefight was a lot of fun (once I found the ammo). I was only able to get in a few Slayer matches yesterday and I don't even think I've played on all of the maps yet. I'm really excited to mess around with Forge, hopefully I'll get to do that this weekend. I also want to try out the new multiplayer game types. It seems like my homework/tests have doubled this week. It's a conspiracy!
  5. Games better be careful. You have to Safely Eject the Screamsheet from the carbonslot in Windows MobileVis or your cyberglyphs may become corrupted.
  6. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 4

    Also, please ask them to get on a spectator mode so I can watch this game.
  7. Well this is no good. Congratulations Chris. And forget all that rhyming nonsense, the East Coast is the Best Coast. Also, Fuck You.
  8. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    I was going to take daily notes because I figured this would be a long game. I didn't though because I got super lazy and I don't think I was into this game as much as the last one. That's another reason I want to sit the next game out, I think I'm a little burned out on NP. Anyway, my best recollection: I started grabbing stars like crazy and once I finished Range, I managed to get and keep the lead for a while. I was contacted pretty early on by n0wak/Mcheese about an alliance (which was the name I picked, only it was supposed to be Lollie McCheese and I had to correct myself every time I typed it). I contacted Frakes/Joflar about trading some tech. Mcheese and I had built up a big star filled empire and everything was going swimmingly. Then Spacelad/SGP and Darth/Chris started attacking Mcheese/n0wak so I jumped in to help. Darth/Chris sent me a message telling me he didn't want to attack me but I responded by telling him that I had to help Mcheese because of our alliance, then he started attacking me. After a few days, the attack stopped. At that point, I just started pumping money into industry and building up my ships. I had a huge fleet of ships and, at one point, I think I had 1000 more than anyone else. I wanted to attack Fizzlebang/dibs before he started attacking me so I contacted Darth/Chris to see if he would team up so that I wouldn't have to worry about fighting on both sides. I never got a response from him, then Fizzlebang/dibs went AFK and I went ahead and started taking his stars. This was probably not the best move on my part (and a really crappy thing to do now that I know why he went AFK) because I lost a ton of ships and only gained a few stars. During this time, I was receiving weapons tech from Spacelad/SGP. It was weird because I wasn't sending him anything. Then The Great Spacelad Takedown happened. I didn't jump in at all for either side (which was part of the reason for my lead in ships) and the next thing I knew, Spacelad/SGP was gone. I was also giving tech to Guy Buttersnaps/Patters so that he could fend off Darth/Chris and Frakes/Joflar. That didn't last too long and both he and Tophat McBlasterpants (best name ever) were both out. So then there were 4. Mcheese/n0wak started hopping through my stars to attack Darth/Chris and Frakes/n0wak also joined in. Darth/Chris sent me a message apologizing for not responding to me before and wanted to team up. I ignored this, wanting to see how the Mcheese/Frakes attack played out. Then I received another message from him saying that he was done and was going to let me have his outer stars as long as I didn't attack his fleets. I told him that I didn't want to just take his stars and he said it was cool and that he didn't want Mcheese to have them. At this point, I waited for Mcheese to leave my stars and I broke our formal alliance because I didn't want him taking any more of Darth's stars. He didn't like that very much and basically told me that it was he who helped me get Darth's stars by leading all of his ships away. Haha. Of course, Mcheese attacked me. Despite the fact that, when I broke our alliance, I told him I wasn't going to attack him. I want him and Frakes to attack each other and deplete their ship supply and Darth and I would come in and take enough stars to win. That plan failed when Frakes didn't start attacking Mcheese until the very last minute. So, Mcheese was attacking me, Frakes was attacking Darth and neither of them were going to win that way. One of them had to attack the other. Once Frakes did start attacking Mcheese, it was pretty much over. edit: oh, you said brief. oops.
  9. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    Really? Wow. Well, that totally changes the way I feel about how this game went. I don't think I have what it takes to win the end game. My whole grab a bunch of stars, ride some coat-tails, then chill out and make ships strategy never works because I wait too long to make an offensive move. I agree with n0wak about the number of stars to win. If it was lower it would force me to attack. I'm probably going to sit the next game out. I'm going back to school in two weeks (after being out for 10 years), so I need to dedicate all the time and brain cells I have left to that. Also, I'm sorry I didn't RP my name better. I wasn't really sure how to do that without turning it into a memefest.
  10. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    I wish I could have been that clever on Twitter. My only guesses: CommanderJonathanBeehtovenFrakes: Chris Lollie Mcheese: SGP Darth Sluttyspud: Patters Grand Marshall Wilfred Fizzlebang: dibs
  11. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    Aaaaaand we're done. Final standings: CommanderJonathanBeehtovenFrakes 135 Lollie Mcheese 62 Jake Rodkin 40 Darth Sluttyspud 19 Grand Marshall Wilfred Fizzlebang 9 Diggwickler the Butt tickler 0 Guy Buttersnaps 0 Tophat Mcblasterpants 0 Bandanaman 0 Narn of the Above 0 Distinguished ParlorAce 0 Senior Spacelad 0 Are we going to guess who everyone is or just tell? Edit: left out Fizzlebang, who had 9, not Diggwickler.
  12. Grand Thumb Auto reunion?

    What time do you guys usually play?
  13. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    Sorry to hear that, dibs.
  14. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    Yeah, I don't know. We've still got a ways to go before someone gets 135 stars. Don't forget the whole week we'll spend chasing each other around the galaxy reclaiming stars from the person who is only 3 stars away from winning.
  15. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    I'm not quite sure what you mean. The players in Red just don't log in anymore?
  16. What is the Mystery of Scoggins?

    Finished this today and I really enjoyed it. We didn't really have too much trouble with the puzzles, but it probably helped that there were two of us playing so we could bounce ideas off each other. We did get tripped up by the puzzle for the same reason as everyone else. The puzzle wasn't bad because it looked pretty tough so we got a hint right away and it told us how many we needed to use. I read somewhere else that Jake said that they've talked about creating examples of how the mechanics work for future games. That would have been really helpful but it wasn't bad enough for me to dislike the game. Going into it, I was pretty sure the puzzles were going to be really tough because of all of the Layton comparisons, so I really over analyzed a couple of them. The room key puzzle, for example: So we started over this morning from the beginning. We get to the room key puzzle and I'm sure my girlfriend is going to screw it up too. And she gets it right away. And I see the answer and do the biggest face palm ever.
  17. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    This is the part I hate. Where I'm compulsively checking the game every 10 minutes, second guessing moves and freaking out before I go to bed, thinking that something is going to happen while I'm sleeping. It's also the part that makes the game fun. This particular map is strange. It's hard to decide on a strategy because you're not sure if you should be focusing on the core side or preparing the back side for an attack. In the other games, you can just stack ships on your border stars and wait it out. There isn't really a border to sit on now.
  18. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    You haven't really missed much, things are just now starting to get exciting. Short recap: The initial land grab in this galaxy took way longer than last game, mostly due to the very outer stars and the adjacent bands being outside the starting range (range is really expensive and you totally don't even realize it in the other games because you don't need it as soon). Everyone rushed to the core and those who have real estate near there pumped money into industry on those stars to build up big fleets. Just recently, some of the front runners have started attacking the smaller civilizations.
  19. Summer Steam Sale

    I'm ashamed to admit that I have never played a Telltale game in my life before I bought the Everything Pack. I started with Sam & Max season one and I really enjoyed it. I also bought: Introversion Complete Pack - Uplink pretty much ruled my weekend Half-Life 1 - More shame here Flotilla - I like the idea, it's going to take a while to get used to though Broken Sword Twin Pack - I couldn't get the audio to work on BS2 so I gave up and played more Sam & Max
  20. The All New XBox Gamertag Exchange Thread!

    Aw man, that's just Catwig. Catwig's not scary!
  21. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey thanks Chris. Actually, I think I'm going to keep it. It's kind of grown on me. Plus, I'll have to manually change my automatic-lazy-person-logins on all of my devices. I appreciate the offer though.
  22. The All New XBox Gamertag Exchange Thread!

    edit: I should probably mention what I've been playing lately. Other than the stuff in the picture above, I've got RDR, Beatles Rock Band, and Borderlands in the rotation. And from time to time, just to punish myself, I'll play a little Bioshock 2 MP. I've yet to play Beatles Rock Band with a full band or sing harmonies, so if anyone is up for it, let me know.
  23. Thanks to the podcast, I've been getting back into PC gaming. I don't have a lot of MP games on Steam but with the crazy sales, i'm sure it will only be a matter of time.
  24. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello Everyone, I'm Lauren and I totally missed this thread when I first joined. I've been lurking for a while and I finally joined the forums so that I could get in on a Neptune's Pride game. When I was registering, I was going to use the name I use for everything else but I was afraid the other players would google my name for NP secrets. So I made this one up. This is the part where I call for professional help. Anyway, I'm going to go post that name I use for everything else in the appropriate threads.
  25. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    You can send direct messages with twitter so you can keep things private. Btw, thanks for doing all the extra work Murdoc.