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  1. Terraria

    That's the core process, yeah. I changed the bit from my original 'review' to say "Meaningful gear progression" as opposed to "linear". Terraria has a literal end-game that you reach, gear-wise, where nothing in the world really bothers you. Hell and the Dungeon are the only real concerns when you get Molten Armor and it's affiliated weapons.
  2. V The Elder Scrolls

    sRifj-2EEKs Continuing the tradition of unnecessarily stirring Gregorian chant, is ES5:Skyrim. 11/11/11 release projection. Possibly the best and worst news I've heard all year. Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Welcomings to the return of our Bethesden overlords?
  3. Magicka

    5 Mistakes To Avoid That You'll Make Anyway PCG Preview Bottom line: 4 player co-op, with wizards. You press any combination of 8 keys to combine 8 different elements, and then 4 different "cast type" keys (self, at target, area-of-effect, I forget the fourth). It has friendly fire. Also has challenge modes (sort of a wave/last stand mode) and versus (4 wizards with magic in an arena. Jeff Goldblum may or may not announce it in the style of Quake 3. ) 10 bucks. Releases on Steam tomorrow. Integrated multiplayer with Steamworks. Who's in for some wizardry? (And probably a lot of apologizing through gales of laughter.) Element List: Healing Earth Fire Water Lightning Steam Ice Element Modifiers: Shield Arcane (Beam)
  4. You're all demonstrably wrong and Ogre Magi is the best carry.
  5. Arma 3 Alpha Thumbs

    There is a reason I have an extremely intricate voice system hooked up to take a batch of instant screenshots whenever I yell "Oh fuck!"
  6. Dragon's Dogma

    What's bullshit is that it's not on PC, quit complaining.
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    That I can agree with.
  8. Music of the games of video

    This entire playlist is pure nostalgic cocaine for me.
  9. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    I swear I learned of The Sword from this thread, but I had no idea sci-fi music went this far back.
  10. These have been real hit and miss but this one was great.
  11. Movie/TV recommendations

    As a movie, I liked the camera work and the changes in filming style. As an action movie I hated the action and the plot was even worse than usual. As a cop movie it made me feel like shit because I'm fairly aware of how the police forces in America, largely staffed with younger people, are kind of fucking nuts. In the end I hate End of Watch for making me think about that again.
  12. Movie/TV recommendations

    I have no idea how I felt about End of Watch.
  13. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    A goddamn masterpiece. http://edmonton.en.craigslist.ca/stp/3542260564.html
  14. DOTA 2

    I assume that is gross hyperbole or you've managed to land in hell queues. Either way, it's not as important now as a result of the chat wheel, but it's still annoying at times.
  15. Movie/TV recommendations

    So I guess G4 is out of the video games/tech business, and thinking back it struck me. The only time I've ever really seen all out gaming on G4 (XPlay is more of a showcase hour) was back in maybe '06, the very first time I watched the channel and they were having a UT2004 tournament. Never again have I seen a bunch of people just play a video game on G4. Oh well.
  16. DOTA 2

    Add Orv on Steam.
  17. No, some of those are pretty hilarious.
  18. Why can't I enjoy System Shock 2?

    Fuck space monkeys.
  19. 2013

  20. 2013

    Maybe they'll make new games then.
  21. Life

    Expensive != quality. Nothing about hospitals are comfortable, and especially not the beds.
  22. Cyberpunk 2077

    I wish I had the photoshop skills to put her face on one of those terrible cards from the first Witcher.