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    Congrats on the insane speed of fund acquisition! By the time I found out about this, it was already fully funded!
  2. Mein Thumbcraft—IdleT Dedicated Minecraft Server

    Hey, could I get build privileges? I'm looking around now, and things are sweet. I'd like to make some marginally-less sweet-but-still-hopefully-cool things. edit- Oh yeah, my username is also enterthewumpus in-game.
  3. Portal ARG?

    Was there a Wednesday thing at all? Did I just miss it?
  4. Portal ARG?

    I'm afraid to hope for word of more Half-Life, But God DAMN do I want the surprise to be more Half-Life.
  5. Soundtracks for the video-games, and your most beloved ones

    I love the monkey island soundtrack, and I seem to remember having loved the Grim Fandango one as well, though I haven't played that game in far too long. It's wildly inappropriate most of the time, but I really like the music from Deadly Premonition. Pheonix Wright's soundtrack is amazing in that it hits home whatever plot point you happen to be stumbling upon at the moment. It's surprisingly epic for a game about being a lawyer.
  6. the Give Whatever You Want bundle

    Has anyone else been following this? Apparently some guy talked a couple more indie devs in to making another humble-type bundle, but, (plot twist,) the 'shopkeeper' seems to be crooked. Thus far, -the organizer is taking a 30% cut from all of the developers -He's also maybe been accused of both fraud and selling software keys that were purchased with a stolen credit card -the terms of service for the bundle are in german -people have reported not actually being able to download the games they've paid for -Child's Play, one of the charities that he had claimed to be donating to has pulled out -two of the developers have also pulled out. (Ludosity and Dark Castle Software) Most of this information comes from PC Gamer's interview with the organizer, but I've seen a couple other sites pick it up as well. This makes me pretty sad, personally. The Humble Bundle was a pretty great thing, and I'm afraid that this kind of crap will dissuade people from doing things like it in the future. edit- And it looks like the website for the bundle is actually down now, due to technical issues. It also looks like it might be screaming at me in german.
  7. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Half-Life 2 and it's ilk are 30% off to celebrate them coming out on Mac. If you don't have it, get it.
  8. Anyone Remember?

    the curmudgeonly old assholes blast is from episode 46: First Annual Year, and Jake's impression of everyone is hilarious.
  9. Split Second

    I haven't played a racing game in years, but I really want to try this one. based on what Giant Bomb's review was saying about it losing it's luster after a while, I may just rent it, though.
  10. Deadly Premonition

    I don't want to be a baby! (and that may be a good excuse for me to play Torchlight.)
  11. Deadly Premonition

    It looks like we'll get to see the ending of VJ's run tomorrow! I'd watched it up until the point at which the game stopped being a cutscene and started being a game, but then the Deadly Prem runs started, and I got distracted. I do worry though- do the ERs lose some of their quality when there are fewer cutscenes happening and more of just the 'playing a game'? It seemed that the Deadly Premonition Runs did, so I could see that happening with Persona 4, and there's a LOT more Persona to get through. Err, sorry for de-railing there.
  12. Annoying gaming news site headlines

    It's really not an example of an annoying headline, and it's been brought up on these forums before, but Gabe Confirms Episode 3 Cancelled is both my favourite and most-hated headline that I've ever seen.
  13. Deadly Premonition

    I'm kind of in love with this game, not in spite of, but because of the countless flaws it presents. The animations in particular, are hysterical- I never get tired of watching York point at himself, and the fact that the guy knows two ways to open doors, (cautiously; as slowly as possible, and practically punching the thing open,) makes me laugh every time. I'd been watching the VJ Endurance run, and ordered the game myself to see what they were missing. So far, there's a lot of stuff that I would traditionally call 'bad', but everything in the game is presented so hilariously. is the BR run any good?
  14. Anyone Remember?

    Thanks! I've been listening through all of the episodes in order, and I just finished Salacious Thumb, so I must have missed that part somehow.