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  1. Anyone Remember?

    Found it. The Idle Thumbs Podcast Episode 4 (Super Expert Pros). The quote is something like this: "On Stranger Tides is the book that Ron Gilbert was reading while making Monkey Island and the Pirates of the Carribean Ride was the other inspiration for that game. The Monkey Island games were going to be adapted into a feature film at one point by Industrial Light and Magic (it was going to be an animated thing). It was pitched to the screenwriters of the Pirates of the Carribean movie. Then, a lot of the people who were working on the Monkey Island film ended up being the effects crew for the Pirates of the Carribean movie, which was written by the guys who had been pitched the story for the Monkey Island film. Now, they are adapting the book that was the inspiration for the Monkey Island game, which was also based on the Pirates of the Carribean ride into the next Pirates of the Carribean movie."
  2. Anyone Remember?

    Was it? I'm pretty sure it was Jake using an analogy about Snakes with multiple heads eating multiple tails ("oops all snakes")
  3. Anyone Remember?

    Does anyone remember which episode contained Jake's discussion about the relationship between the Pirates of the Carribean Ride, the movie, the book On Stranger Tides, and the Monkey Island game?
  4. Bungie makes 10-year deal... with Activision

    Crap. How did I miss that? He even put up a disclaimer =(
  5. Bungie makes 10-year deal... with Activision

    I don't know how you managed to make that leap. Publishers sells more boxed copies because that's what consumers buy more of. If everything went 100% digital, publishers would still be around to publish the games. It's actually a benefit to publishers because there's no used-games market for digital sales and you have no manufacturing costs for boxes, manuals, disks, display stands in Best Buy, etc. Publishers do a lot more in the process than physically take a disk and put it into a box.
  6. "Fisher. This is Phaedrus. I remember the fuckin' airfield. Did you get my fax? It came out of that speaker..." Well, everyone on the bus thinks i'm a complete idiot. I was in tears by this point.