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  1. Haha, awesome, I think I only knew it as "Ira-Ira Bo" as that's what it was called on the disc, and it definitely was not the North-American release as I remember the screaming Japanese. And it's by Jaleco? Now we know it's going to be quality...

    ...based on the Japanese game show, which in turn was based on a carnival game, where the player tries to maneuver a Metal rod through a metal maze without touching the sides or else they would get shocked. The player would also experience hearing a loud announcer screaming to confuse them while trying to escape the maze.

    Game concept WIN.

  2. I tried thinking about a couple games I played in my past, but after searching random descriptions of them in Google I always found their name... except one!

    It's a PlayStation game that was featured on a demo disc at some point that seemed like a Japanese-port, in fact, I distinctly remember hearing a crazy angry Japanese voice yelling at you if you did anything wrong. Anyways, you moved a rod through a huge amount of obstacles and you couldn't touch the sides - kind of like a platformer Operation game.

  3. Probably repeating a lot of somethings in this list, but maybe a couple uniques in my list:

    Drunken Gamer Radio - Not a total fan of this, not sure about the hosts and how they talk, but otherwise a decent mix of new games and retro games, especially if you like drinking and are a gamer.

    Gamer's with Jobs Conference Call - Mentioned hundreds of times, self-explanatory, the most-like Idle Thumbs.

    Kotaku Talk Radio - Again, not sure about the hosts here, but "alright" for some of their interviews with bigger game devs.

    A Life Well Wasted - Beautifully produced video game podcast awesomeness.

    Podcast17 - A podcast on Half-Life news, modifications, community and more. This one is a little bit more obscure, but great if you are part (or want to be) of the HL community. They also talk about TF2, L4D, anything Valve really.

    Modcast - Editors and community members of the ModDB site talking about mods for various games. Sometimes cool?

  4. This seems like a good thread as any to be my first post on a video gaming forum... about cold cuts...

    I would probably go with the BLT... even though that's probably not considered a cold cut sandwich, in which case TURKEY! Turkey (breast) is my favorite.