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  1. Good News Everyone

    Nonsense is about on point. Sure, it's theoretically possible. In the same way that perpetual motion is theoretically possible if we have access to theoretical as-yet-undiscovered elements (aka unobtanium). Math can be done working around the variables, but the variables are currently, and for the foreseeable future, fantasy.
  2. Intoxicated:

    It does sort of taste like an herbal liquer, like Fernet or Becherovka, which, in turn, taste like some cough syrups or Ricola cough drops. A light touch or a deft hand makes all the difference. One of my new favorites, that I have yet to tackle myself is a vesper. I've had several, but only one crafter who did it right. Gin, vodka, lillet and a lemon garnish. Done right, it's smooth as silk and it becomes easy to drink too many of these high-proof beverages. The trick, apart from good ingredients and serving a nicely chilled beverage, is the coating of oil from the garnish that coats your palate. I'm talking this up way too much, which is bound to spawn disappointment or suspicions that I'm an alcoholic.
  3. Intoxicated:

    I found that bitters helped to revitalize some of my stand-bys. A rum and coke actually opens up and gets interesting with a splash of bitters. It adds an extra layer of depth to a well-balanced Moscow Mule or Dark and Stormy as well. I'm just not sure I'm keen on bitters, like campari, as a significant ingredient. I get tired of negronis after a couple of sips.
  4. Post your face!

    The meatboy shirt only makes the showering body parts more apropos.
  5. I think I've got it. It incorporates the 10, as X, and removes the problem Microsoft has had with forum trolls replacing their "S" with dollar signs: WinDouX My french is non-existent, but as an added bonus, I think it'd translate as "Sweet Win".
  6. New people: Read this, say hi.

    I re-joined the forums after the kickstarter, wanting to explore Phaedrus's secret hole, but never got around to actually posting anything. It would appear that I've also yet to genuflect in the traditional newbie thread, so am rectifying that. Listed to the Thumbs cast pods since the First Great Age and was thrilled that the Kickstarter got them back on the air. It's my favorite podcast, by far, and the Video game-edness is more in line with my interests than the typical gamerpodz tend to be. I keep hearing about what a swell bunch you are, so figured I shouldn't just relegate myself to lurking - time allowing and whatnot.
  7. I think they should just add more drop shadow effects and call it Shadow of Windows. I'm really not trying to seem like a luddite or OS hipster who only likes the old stuff, but I haven't yet seen a compelling reason to go to 8, let alone WinX (wait, maybe that's a better suggestion.. [WinX ]).
  8. I Had A Random Thought...

    (Digging around in the nether regions of this thread..) Not only are those mashups amazing, but I'd pay a bunch of hard-earned buckazoids to play Animal House of the Dead. Space Galaxy Quest
  9. San Francisco Residents!

    Oakland - Uptown area on Broadway - several good places within a block. College Ave (around Harwood) - Ditto. Berkeley - Plant yourself in the middle of the "Gourmet Ghetto" area and there are a lot of great places to try out. Or, you can target Fenton's Creamery (Oakland), go to one of several decent places around there and wrap up with award-winning ice cream.
  10. San Francisco Residents!

    Napa valley is nice, but YMMV on wineries. At the right places they're very generous or at least accommodating. The larger, fancier ones tend to have premium tasting fees. The weather hasn't been great lately, but usually nicely temperate. -1 on visiting Sacramento. Unless you're big into checking out the state capital and related museums, it's sprawling and suburban and not exactly fun. You'd do better to do a coastal drive up highway 1, hit the city and if you're going further north, hit Mendocino area and swing back through Napa. Oakland & Berkeley are worth a diversion if you're into a nicely walkable foodie trip.
  11. Post your face!

    That version is way classier, but I get points for pseudo-acid-wash look.
  12. Post your face!

    My face is less interesting than this tshirt I got at Walmart for $5. If I'd known walmart had such quality painting attire, er, I mean fancy duds, I'd have gone sooner.
  13. I might be the only one who finds this amusing, but I was curious whether anyone would notice if I tacked up the Idle Thumbs postcard from the Kickstarter next to all the usual HR detritus in the break room. So far it's been 2 days and nobody seems to have noticed.
  14. Please consider helping out Tom Chick

    I mistakenly thought this was about the Chick tracts guy by the subject. I'm glad I read the post itself.
  15. Idle Thumbs Postcard camouflaged in HR BS

    This was recently discovered at work. A spray can, apparently, glued to the ceiling. Nobody knows for how long. In OP news, postcard is still there. Your posts have given me the hope that it will be there for years to come.
  16. Idle Thumbs Postcard camouflaged in HR BS

    Is there any wiggle-room for negotiation? Forever is extreme. Might I suggest ,"For quite some time?"
  17. Idle Thumbs 157: Molymoto

    While I've nothing to contribute regarding Totoro skeletons or the intricacies of DS2, I can at least attest to the fact that remix0r is, indeed, spelled with a zero.
  18. Unnecessary Comical Picture Thread

    From Something Awful's Photoshop Phriday