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  1. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    I would love for that to be true, except for the fact that they're already sending their fleets at me.
  2. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    I seem to be pissing people off because I set a bunch of flight paths ahead of time and don't check back for about a day, and then I come back and notice my ship is heading for a star someone else already captured. Now they're all going to kill me.
  3. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    Looks like I'll have to try a different strategy in this game due to my position and slow research.
  4. Neptune's pride

    I feel like I'm playing Defcon. There hasn't been any significant activity for 3-4 rounds. The first person to crack will unleash all hell.
  5. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    I'm playing a public game with nobody I know and I'm feeling terrible about deciding who to attack next. I've had friendly relationships with pretty much all of the remaining players, so I need to betray SOMEONE to continue. Not to mention both of them are asking me to attack the other.
  6. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    bdmonkey, I'm in the same game as you are. Want to work together, assuming there's nobody else from here in that game? And I'm up for a second concurrent game with people here, though I don't have any premium credit.