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  1. Hey I just wanted to put my name in the hat for future games.
  2. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    Is there a limit to the number of aliases you can have? I have 5 right now and I don't see an "Add and alias" button anymore.
  3. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    Did you not get the name I sent you? Edit: Doh. Totally misread that as those were the folks you HAD received names from.
  4. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 3

    Is there an option for random handles or do I just create a new name?
  5. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 2

    Margraviate of Brandenburg My position wasn't a superb one when the game started so I just played quiet and defensive for most of the early game. For much of the early-mid game I was Tech trading & attempting to mutually assist Joflar against the giant that was Wurtzi. As I started to make headway in the far northern regions of Wurtzi's territory Joflar decided that would be an opportune time to attack my southern systems which forced me to withdraw forces from the Wurtzi front and redeploy for a slugfest with Joflar. This was prior to Wurtzi going AI so I figured I'd be dead soon enough but I wanted to make sure that The Betrayer went down with me. Since I didn't feel like bothering with RPing or anything in a game that I thought I'd soon be out of I stopped communicating with the other players to a great extent. The only communication I have done since then was with Dibs. Trading my speed tech for some weapon tech since it seemed that Joflar was getting weapon tech from some of his neighbors and I couldn't keep up. This is where we of the Margriaviate are at now. Determined to crush Joflar for his crimes against the honest & good people of Brandenburg. He shall pay. *cackles* I'd be interested in a new game if you need more players.
  6. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 2

    You're not alone there. Given star spacing in my region (non-occupied stars requiring 1 or 2 range upgrades to reach) even in optimal flight timing I would've gotten maybe 20 planets before I would've been locked into the corner. As it stands I think I'll max at around 16-17 planets with a quick falloff as I get gobbled. After having played several games I think I generally prefer lower # of starting planets to the higher settings. The higher starting planet games fill out, as in all the planets are occupied, far too quickly IMO. It alleviates some of the early game slow down that lower starting world games have but it trades it for a slow down several days in when empires aren't really differentiated enough to actually make headway against one another but have no room for expansion other than the periphery. That's in my very limited experience though. I'd be interested to hear other thoughts on the matter.
  7. Neptune's Bountiful Pride 2

    Put me on your reserves list. If you can't find enough people or some of the folks drop out prior to the start feel free to add me. I don't want to take the spot of someone that hasn't gotten in a game yet though.
  8. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    Limited avenues of expansion make me think this is going to be a relatively quick game for me.
  9. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    Who are you in game Marek?
  10. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    Joined just now. Sorry it took so long. I was out of town for several days. I'm under the name 'The Margraviate of Brandenburg' if you're wondering.
  11. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Been listening since around March of last year and finally decided to join the forums after trying out Neptune's Pride and seeing there's a multiplayer thread for it.
  12. Neptune's Bountiful Pride

    I'd be interested in playing some with a Thumbs crew.
  13. PSN ID exchange

    PSN ID: Jhriad Feel free to add me my friends list is pretty short and I wouldn't mind having some fellow Thumbs listeners on there.