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  1. Phantasy Star Online

    Wow didn't realize someone had setup a PSO private server. I used to love this game back in the day. Might have to try it out sometime.
  2. PSN ID exchange

    Hey, I just realized I never posted in this thread. My PSN ID is: Jennoa
  3. Ghost Trick DS

    I just finished playing through Ghost Trick, and I loved it so much I'm compelled to do something I never do... Proselytize I strongly believe that anyone who has a DS should play this game. I honestly believe it is one of the best games released for the platform. Actually don't even know what else to add to that. It has a great story, and dialog. Some really good characters, and the sort of Adventure style gameplay the DS excels at.
  4. I did some remixes once, here is another one

    Hey! Long time no see man. Great job, as always!
  5. Cormac McCarthy

    I read The Road during a really dark period of my life. and oddly enough when I was at my bleakest, when nothing was going my way and things only looked to be getting worse. I could read a passage and think to myself, "we'll, at least I'm not them."
  6. VG Mutha Fuckin As (Holy crapping cow)

    Congratulations Jake and Sean!
  7. Episode 175: Gods and Kings

    Great episode guys! There were some great points raised, and I always loving hearing from Jeff Green. Truthfully I wasn't planning om pick this expansion up, as I was thoroughly disappointed in Civ V when it came out. It's unfortunate that Gods and Kings perhaps isn't the panacea the game needs, but maybe I shouldn't have been so quick to dismiss it out of hand. I've been playing Civilization since the beginning, but it was Civ II that really grabbed me and never let go. For about two years, everyday, after I first got the game I would come home from school and play until my parents would have to come in and drag me off the computer. I wasn't the most original player, I had my Civilization of choice, the Japanese, and would invariably go for a Space victory. Nothing was cooler to my teenage self then flying off to Alpha Centauri. Embarrassingly enough though, what I remember best about Civilization II after all these years is the videos that would play for each adviser. I slavishly tried to follow their advice, even after I realized that they were often times less then useful and counterproductive. Though I don't have a story like the guy who played the same game for ten years I can still go back to Civ II from time to time and get lost in it's depths.
  8. Diablo III BattleTags

    Mine is Jennoa#1769 I'm not on too often, but if I am feel free to join my game anytime.
  9. I also have some sticky pistons. If you want them, they are yours.
  10. Ahh, so I did, thinking about my hole will do that.
  11. I beleive you misspelled Geniuses.
  12. Nah, I don't have, understandably, the permission to switch between creative and survival. I can fly though, that actually makes me happy enough.
  13. I have discovered, or perhaps come to grips with, the fact that I don't care about survival mode at all. I have way more fun tooling around in creative mode.
  14. Fez

    I can understand that, for me the deciphering was a nice sidegame as I found that only the anti-cubes really required any sort of puzzleing out. I actually just beat the game and would be curious to know what is giving you a hard time.
  15. Fez

    I was finally able to crack the pictograph language. First message decoded: Love this game
  16. Fez

    As a visual representation of the overall world, the map is a work of genius. Unfortunately, It just isn't very useful as a navigational tool.
  17. Jumped on a little last night, and for just a second while at work now. Already some awesome things are taking form.
  18. Just finished listening to the panel, and there were some great discussions had. I especially thought Troy's point about websites being reluctant to cover anything that is outside of their audience's perceived genre of choice to be quite salient.
  19. That is certainly a neat idea
  20. Yeah sorry about that. There's never as much free time as I want.
  21. I still have a bunch of videos I recorded on the night of Epoch Three's destruction, and then never uploaded... I probably should do something with those.
  22. Well, I would certainly be interested in playing, and writing something up. My only concern is that I haven't played Sins in awhile, and even at my best I was never very good at it.
  23. I have been itching to jump back on the minecraft wagon. Reviving thel idlemc server would be a wonderful thing.
  24. As someone who worked on that subway system on the Minecraft server. That was indeed the best. God I love that game.
  25. I am super excited to see how all this is going to work out. Great, informative cast guys!