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  1. re: Marble Madness (13 mins into Episode 5) Hearing the music again from Marble Madness really brought back some cherished memories for me, thank you for mentioning that in your Podcast. When the original Marble Madness was ported to the Commodore 64 in 1986 (I believe), I was 12-13 and my Dad, who was never a big fan of video games, took me to the only video game store in the area, across the border to Maine, USA, and I think bought it for doing such a good job on my last report card. When I was 13, I would save up all year for our trips south to the USA or to Toronto to be able to afford to buy just 2 or 3 games. The Bard's Tale. Winter Games. Defender Of The Crown. I would obsess about what game to buy for MONTHS. So of course every game meant more to me than than it ever could now (being 36 and able to afford any game I want when I want it). I had not thought about the music to Marble Madness for 20 years. If someone had asked me what things I remember the most about those games, my first thoughts would never have been about the music though clearly hearing that music again brought back so many great memories. Thanks again for that. I still have the original packaging to this game (and many others from my Commodore 64 days) in my parent's attic, though sadly I let a friend borrow all of my hundreds of game discs years ago and he lost them in a move and an entire part of my childhood is gone forever.