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  1. Steam Trading Card

    I've been flipping cards the whole time made back what I sprang on the sale. I also bought a ton when they were going for an average of 15 cents and I'm going to sell those off as the prices get higher. Saving a set to sell in the future or probably a billion dollars.
  2. Getting a phone

    HTC has good build quality, but their "Sense" ROM can be annoying. Maybe not to you if you've never used a smartphone. Also the newer HTC phones don't let you take the battery out and I've not had good luck with their batteries.
  3. Super Metroid Appreciation Station

    Super Metroid was probably the first game that really clicked home with me. The atmosphere in that game is the best. I've also always hated traditional gender roles and it was probably the first game I played that had a heavily armored female protagonist. <3
  4. Unity

    I've been looking at trying to learn Unity for a while. So far the only thing I accomplished was drawing/texturing a height map and adding in the prefab first person camera controls. Which is honestly half way to the design I've envisioned. I don't really want to start from the ground up and have been looking for just the bits I want to implement, but maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.
  5. New people: Read this, say hi.

    I've been a reader since Episode 8 or something... I forget exactly. I used to be really into forums back in the PSP hacking scene days (2005-2006ish mostly) Made this account a while back but never posted anything obviously, have not even lurked these forums really. I don't like a lot of people so I may or may not be active on here anyway. I'm posting because I'm kinda bored I guess. I try to use Twitter and Reddit but it's boring there too. Twitter is mostly a news/communication tool for me and Reddit is just digging for info on games (Mostly Diablo III)
  6. What is this?